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A Mindful Connection at a Chance Glance


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In our embrace under moonlit skies
Our passion ignites, our hearts shed the lies

our eyes catch each others gaze 
sending us into a lustful haze

Your touch sets my body a blaze
wanting to seduce you in erotic ways.

Your lips are ecstasy untold
A beautiful journey to unfold

Your Sensual Curves are a dangerous fit
the sensation makes me submit

The hidden treasure between your thighs 
reveals a deliciously sweet surprise

the rolling of your nipples 
sends you into a spasm
creating a wonderful orgasm

You whisper in my ear
let me have it dear

as I enter you down below
your ecstasy begins to grow

as we heat up the night
you give up the fight

with sex still in the air
you collapse in my arms for sensual aftercare

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