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Pumping ass and suction

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Has anybody here had any experience in pumping their orifices?  Anal or vaginal?  Of course, there’s loads of videos of this kind of thing online, but I’ve only ever met one person who has actually done it, apart from myself.  I purchased some suction cups from eBay and these were a set of four, in different sizes with these I’ve been able to  suction various different parts of my anatomy, to some great effect!  The natural progression from this was to try ass pumping.  Thickwall  cylinders make a wide range of suitable products and it was one of these that I first experienced, with a 1 inch central rod and a 2.5 inch cup.  Being in a sub situation at the time, the top’s dominating effect over me was intense and breathtaking at first.  I’ve never felt such a sensation before, even with my suction cups and therefore it was pretty scary!  But my top was very experienced and exercised great care not to overdo it,  repeatedly gently pumping and then releasing.  It was actually very nice and left me feeling fantastic afterwards.  The increased ***flow to the area massively increases sensitivity and sensation, so for me this was a pretty amazing experience.  I’ve also internally pumped my ass  with one of the aforementioned suction cups.  This led to what I can only suppose was the first stage of a partial prolapse.  No damage was caused, of course, but it had the effect of giving complete control of my insides to the dom. Very exciting!  Having another suction cup on the end of my member further divested control to the dom.  has anybody else had any experience of this? I’d be really keen to hear others’ experiences. 😀

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