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Scenario One (Part Two)


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At twelve o'clock you knock on my door. You are wearing a shirt and short pleated skirt with thigh length socks and trainers beneath your coat. Your knickers are plain black cotton.
The door opens into a thin passageway. I am standing behind the door so you don't see me as you enter. 'Come in'. The door closes and from behind, I put my hands on your shoulders and firmly turn you to face the door. I take your hands and lifting them above your head, press them to the top corners of the door. 'Keep them there until I tell you otherwise. I'm going to test your wetness levels.'
You sense me crouching down behind you. My hands hold your left calf and move up your leg to the top of your sock where they meet your bare thigh. I stroke and caress you there moving my hands round to feel the front sides and rear, the back of my hand inadvertently rubs your pants and causes a gasp. I repeat this on your right leg. Moving to your left side, I put my left hand down the front of your pants while my right hand slides down the back. I run my middle fingers along your wet cleft from the middle out and back again, and push them both simultaneously inside you. You shiver with pleasure as I take them out. I grip the elastic at either side of your hips and in one swift move pull your pants down to your knees.
'Did you bring the butt plug?' I ask. You visibly gulp, 'Sorry, I... I... left it at home', you stutter. 'Oh dear, dear me', I sigh. I grip you by your hair and push you into the lounge. You're finding it difficult to walk with your pants round your knees. I sit on the sofa. 'Get yourself over my knees and put your hands behind your head with your fingers meshed together'. You do as you're told. Your knees are together because your knickers hold them there and your bare bottom is sticking up in the air. I stroke each cheek in turn and then suddenly without warning bring my hand down hard, first on your left cheek, then on your right. 'Agh! Oh!' As you push yourself down into my lap, trying to escape my hand.

In rapid succession, I slap each cheek in turn, moving from the top to your thighs. You're sucking air in through your clenched teeth. Your bottom is turning pink when I stop to caress it gently. 'Kneel up', I say. You do as I ask and I stand up by your side. 'Back down', I put my hand on your head and press you down into a kneeling position. 'Elbows on the cushion, head resting on your forearms'. The effect of this is to make your bottom stick up and out. I stroke your cheeks and reach for the flogger. Just as you're relaxing to the soft stroking, the multiple tendrils of the whip strike your bum. Again, this time on the lower part, stray tentacles catch your pussy and make you cry out. Half a dozen strokes and your ass cheeks are glowing. I tap the insides of your thighs 'Open your legs for me.' As you do I place my hand on your pussy and slide a finger inside you. I introduce a second one and slowly move them in and out. 'Mmmmm, aaah', as my fingers slowly frig you. Now they're wet and slippery, I slide one into your ass, and continue with the in-out movement. You're starting to pant and groan.

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