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My new favourite punishment- sharing my most recent experience

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So, to set the scene I work 5 days a week in an office surrounded by white walls. So I always love the opportunity to distract myself with something entertaining and that often includes talking to my sub. Now the trouble is, she’s gotten a little bit cocky. Which I will admit, despite the issues it causes me 😈, has been very entertaining. However I wouldn’t be much of a dom if I simply let the *** she puts me through slide. So recently when coming home I had a little brain storm. And to my delight when I arrived home I found her already wearing her collar and something incredibly naughty. I pinned her against the wall and nearly gave into to her and how beautiful she looked, just taking her and giving her what she wanted but then again. Where is the fun in that.
I smiled to her, barely saying a word, I simply led her through the house, collar chain in hand and had her place on her knees. I ran my hands gently up her thighs and across her neck telling her just how much she had ***d me today. I told her to wait there patiently for me while got a few things ready. I came back with a ball gag, rope, leg spreader and a magic wand vibrator. She got very excited unaware of the absolute hell I was about to put her through. So a little while later she finds herself strapped up, gagged and bound with the vibrator pressed against her and set to its lowest setting. I tell her I’d be back and of course I really take my time with getting changed. I put on a nice black button up shirt and long pants with a belt that she recognises as the one she’s been spanked with before. And by god the site I was greeted to have me so much joy. At this rate she was a drooling begging mess she couldn’t speak of course but her eyes were so cute. Like she was begging for forgiveness and permission to cum. I moved towards her and she got hopefully that I would touch her and maybe even let her finish but I looked down and said “until im satisfied you’ve learnt your lesson, I won’t touch you or let you finish and you’ll simply sit there for my enjoyment whilst I cook dinner”
She whimpered and moaned in displeasure but that just gave me even stronger resolve and enjoyment. I cooked a carbonara which was a quick but long enough meal to the point it was ready she had begged even louder to the point she had become a shaking mess. The chain of her collar and cuffs echoed throughout the house.
To make things even worse I set a chair in-front of her and began to “do things” in-front of her and never once allowed her to touch me. When I finished I took her gag off for a moment and my god I have never heard a sub beg as beautifully as she did. I was slightly proud of her and gave her a few compliments and words of affirmation telling her how much of a good little whore she was. When she nodded and thanked me I asked her she was hungry to which she said yes.
I set the table and laid out the food for her but stopped her from sitting down. I bent her over the table and could tell she was so excited that I might finally do something but I did nothing 😈save run my lips up her neck. I could tell my breath was giving her goosebumps as they were visible all across her body. I lent in and said “you use that pretty mouth of yours to finish me and then once you’ve earned it I will allow you to eat.”
So I enjoy myself and my dinner and eventually let her have dinner to which she was again grateful and I made her apologise more and more and made her do more things to earn the right to be touch and pleased and my god when I finally did I tell no lie when I say it was so of the best, wildest and most intense sex I have ever experienced. So just wanted to share.
Outstanding story, thanks for sharing.
Now this is what I'm talking about.
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