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We all need a good shower to end the day!!


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I walk in the door, home from work. It's been a long tough day and I'm joy from the drive. As I walk into the bedroom I hear the shower running. I smile, strip my clothes off and quietly sneak into the bathroom. I’m in the shower naked behind you, my arms are wrapped around your body and I’m kissing the back of your neck and shoulders. Can you feel me? I whisper in your ear

I open my palms and you squeeze body scrub into my hands. I bring them up and start to massage soap into your breasts whilst continuously kissing and biting your neck.

My hands slowly working the way down your body, washing every inch of your skin. I reach your hips and your legs open wider and my hands massage your thighs, gently brushing your lips with every pass. Still kissing you and I’m hearing you start to moan with pleasure.

I bend you forward and as I start to manage your back and shoulders you feel my cock hard at your pushy lips. You start to rock and b bounce as I work lather into your skin and my penis slips deep inside your soaking wet hole. You’re so turned on you cum instantly as my balls slap your lips.

Holding your shoulders in my hands I start fucking you faster and faster in the shower. Each orgasm flows through you and as one stops quickly another builds and washes over you.

I am so deep inside you that my cock hitting every sweet part of you. I tell you I’m going to cum baby, tell me where you want me to unleash my load.
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