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deppends on what you mean by your question

When did we discover / become cuious about our kinks?

  • for me personaly, i was younger than i probably should have been to understand but i always knew i wasnt "normal" and i started watching and reading up online about power roles in BDSM dynamics and with being geneticly a male i was brought up to beleive that men are tough and cant show weakness, so for me it was a big eye opener to see how many powerful (albeit annonimous) people who had a lot of power in their day to day jobs and lives who where the s Type in some form of BDSM Dynamic

how did we figure out how to presue our personal kinks?

  • my discovery into crossdressing and pet play are fairly recent really in my sex life, only the past 3 years or so. its kinda a sad story really, i broke up with an ex who left one day and i never have heared since. but she left a tight fitting crotcless leotard and some black stockings.... i thought fuck it and tried them on and felt it so liberating. dressing up in private and looking in the mirror at how the tight material kinda transforms my body shape subtly but loving how it made me feel. obviously after discovering how it made me feel i threw what where her clothes out and bought some of my own using the internet

what was our first experiances?

  • my first experiance was that of trying to be the Domanant (would you beleive it) it was kinda feeble really, i tied her hands above her head and misionary was the position. a little dirty talk but nothing too heavy, calling her things like "my slut" or "my whore"... since then i have kinda had a total role reversal into being submissive as i'd been battling with my autism and depression.


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