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Friends and Strangers


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When you flirted with me online, you probably thought I was kidding and laughed when I said all of my friends and I will fuck you before the night is over. Maybe you were thinking lots of guys talk big but few come through. I seemed harmless so you accepted my invitation to dinner. No doubt we hit it off at dinner. We got along grand and I never even brought up sex. So it was not surprising to me when you accepted my invitation for a drink at my place. 


We walk back the two blocks continuing our lively conversation. On arrival, I offer you a whisky lowball which you accept and I send a quick text message on my phone. Then I look at you, and without even a smile, I say "Now take off your clothes". You stop mid drink and just look at me. Should you, or should you not? I can see your face flush as you consider your options. The I sternly tell you " Go ahead, don't be afraid".  You give a quick smirk, but the underlying challenge is too much to resist so you start shyly stripping. We continue without words and you read my body language and comply perfectly. I start by putting a blindfold on you and tying you arms behind your back near the elbows so you can move your lower arms but they are restrained. I then bend you over my coffee table long ways and tie your neck to one end and your spread legs to the other. As one last measure, I place a blindfold on you and headphones. Seconds after putting the headphones on death metal music start blasting so loud you can't think. 

You're wondering what this is all about when you suddenly feel a penis rubbing on your lips. You attempt to capture it in your lips but it eludes you. You're wondering what happened to it when you suddenly feel well lubed fingers penetrate your anus without warning and you gasp loudly. But as soon as your mouth opens a hard prick enters and two hands grab you head and start fucking your mouth relentlessly while the fingers thoroughly explore your ass. You're wondering how my prick can be pumping your mouth and my fingers are in your ass. Clearly something has changed. You're trying to still get you bearings with the music fucking your ears when the prick in your mouth explodes, the finger in your ass are joined by another prick pushing into your pussy.

Clearly this is not the scene you thought it was. Over the next few hours there is a constant onslaught of new dicks in your mouth, thick, thin, long, short, and one by one they dump a load. Some have the taste of your pussy or ass, while others are fresh. Meanwhile your pussy and ass are continually being filled with dick or fingers. There is your cum and who knows what running down your thighs.

Suddenly it all ends except for one hard dick in your mouth skull fucking you to the point of almost vomiting.  The headphones are suddenly removed and you're so happy to no longer be assaulted by the music. And just as suddenly the blindfold is removed and two hands grab your head and start throatfucking you in earnest. As your eyes slowly adjust, you can see its me. I finally pull your head down so far and hard my pubes are scratching your face. I let out a deep moan and you feel the twitching and hot jizz in your throat. I slowly pull out and drag it across your lips. I say "I wanted you to see me cum." Then I untie you and you see 6 other naked men siting on the couches around you.

I say, "I did tell you so", and smile wryly.


I have always had a nylon and foot fetish.  For years I hid it, then finally met someone who was not only ok with it, but into it.  She wanted to dress me as a woman.  She ***ted my toenails, put stockings and heels on me and had me dress her.  She put make up on me and dressed me in a wig and clothes of hers.  I must admit, I was very turned on and thought I looked hot.. which I never felt in my normal life.  My feet were pretty, the wig was pretty , and I looked like a gorgeous Italian woman. My ex dressed similarly, and asked me to tie her up and whip her with a horsetail.  Every time I landed on her tits, she looked straight in my eyes and said , “ You are so hot”..  I licked her from toes to lips and we filmed ourselves having sex. She loved having me as her girlfriend and I loved being her girlfriend.  It was the best sexual experience of my entire life.  

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