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Submissiveness can be complex. But doesn't need to be

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Submission is a complex and intimate lifestyle that requires a great deal of trust between the submissive and their dominant partner. A submissive willingly gives control to their dominant partner, trusting that they will guide and protect them in all aspects of their life. This trust is built over time and requires a deep understanding of each other's needs and desires.

One of the key responsibilities of a dominant partner, or "Sir," is to provide protection to their submissive. This protection can take many forms, from physical safety to emotional well-being. In any case, the submissive needs to feel secure and protected in the presence of their Sir.

Physical protection is one of the most important aspects of a Sir's role. As a submissive is giving up control, they become more vulnerable to physical harm. A Sir must ensure that their submissive is physically safe at all times, whether that means providing a safe environment or intervening in dangerous situations. The submissive should never feel afraid or unsafe in the presence of their Sir.

Emotional protection is also essential in a D/s relationship. The submissive is often in a vulnerable position, emotionally exposed and open to their Sir. A Sir must be attuned to their submissive's emotional needs and provide a safe space for them to express themselves. This means being understanding, supportive, and non-judgmental, even when the submissive is struggling or feeling overwhelmed.

A Sir's protection also extends to the submissive's reputation and social standing. In some cases, a submissive's lifestyle may not be accepted or understood by society. A Sir must protect their submissive's reputation and privacy, ensuring that their lifestyle choices do not become public knowledge without their consent.

In summary, a submissive needs a Sir's protection for several reasons. The submission lifestyle requires a great deal of trust, and a Sir must ensure that their submissive feels safe and protected at all times. This includes physical safety, emotional well-being, and protection of their reputation and privacy. Ultimately, a Sir's protection is an essential aspect of a D/s relationship and allows the submissive to fully embrace their role and submit to their dominant partne
Thank you for writing this.
I am in full agreement with what you've written, and for many "Real Doms" this goes without saying. And, after having read a lot of various forum stuff recently, I think it's a very good idea that occasionally posts like this are aired to remind some others of their responsibilities when they take on this role.
This! No one wants to get to know you anymore making it feel unsafe from the beginning.
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