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Is it just me??


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No, I'm not whining about a lack of attention, lol.
I'm generally curious about why it seems like findom is such a big thing, and this is in no way me shaming anyone. And feel free to correct me along the way.
I can understand femdom. That's completely understandable, but what is the 'exchange' (if you will) for findom?
I get its financial domination, but there has to be more to it than giving up your bank info cause you're a submissive man. On that note, it seems to me like there's a heavy level of degrading and 'farming' (pun intended) of interested men.

Again, let me state that this is more a topic of discussion than anything else. I could google why it's grown popular, but opinions can paint a better picture imo.
Be well and take care.

Under normal circumstances we'd let this run as a discussion topic (although, there have been similar discussion many times in the past) 

however, given that we do not permit Findom on this site, and the current hostility towards it from members who are rightfully frustrated by the spike in users pushing for it - it doesn't feel like this would give a fair and balanced discussion

However, we do have an old article on this we hope can help shed some light


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