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5023 (trigger warning)


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**not real story, just made up**

Again, I woke up to the sound of the headboard banging against the wall from the apartment next door.

Uh, uh, uh, she yelled.

Cock me! Fuck me! Use that big cock!

I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep and eventually I did.

Sara lived next door that past few years.  Dirty brown hair, big tits, no ass, petite and fit. We sometimes said hi and talked, but she was stuck up.

I wasn't a 6'3, blonde hair and blue eyed finance bro that drove a BMW.

I was heading out of my apartment as she was too. She was on the phone.

Yes, that bitch told me she couldn't watch my cat last minute, now I don't know what to do.

She looked at me.

Hey, you're around all the time right?

Yeah, kinda I said.

Would you take care of my cat this weekend?

Uh, sure.

Ok... code to the door is 5023 and I will leave instructions on the counter.

5023? Same as your apartment number?

Yeah. Never changed it. So thanks. Later, and she walked away.

The next day, I went into her apartment and fed the cat. 

I looked around her bedroom. In her drawers. So much lingerie.  So many dildos and vibratory.

I fed the cat for the weekend, and expected a thank you of sorts. Nothing. 

I woke up again to the sounds of her getting railed.

The next night I heard her coming home. On the phone and slurring her words. 

I looked out the peep hole as she passed and saw her in a tight dress holding a bottle of wine.

I want it. I want to cock her.

I waited.  And waited.


The door unlocked.

Inside she was passed out on the couch. 

I walked over and touched her leg.

I grabbed her tit through her dress 

I opened her legs and rubbed her pussy.

She gave a light quiet moan

I jerked myself while I rubbed her pushy.

She moaned more.

She woke up fully and was in shock 

What are you doing?

I squirted my load on her dress.

Fuck. I'm here to cock you. 

Cock me? Get out of here you little limp dick bitch.

I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her down on the couch.

I grabbed the bottle of wine and worked the neck of the bottle in her pussy 

Whose the bitch now?

Oh my God she moaned out.

I worked the bottle in her pussy deeper and faster. Holding her by the throat.

She was screaming out.  

I put my limp cock in her mouth and it swelled again.

She wasn't fighting it. She said no, but continued to enjoy it. She sucked and swallowed me. She rubbed her pussy.  While I fucked her with the bottle.

I came again in her mouth. She kept sucking 

She came on the bottle and moaned out. 

I pulled the bottle out and dropped it on the floor.

That's your thanks for watching the cat, now get the fuck out

All stories are made up bro
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