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No pictures are showing


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Legit can not see anyone's pictures. Even mine. All are the purple and black place holders or broken file icons.

I can't go thru and like any pics, cause... WHAT am I liking? Just random likes to get my daily points?

I also can't participate in the photo challenge. Again... what am I judging if I can't see anything?

I have no interest in looking at the profiles of "who checked me out" or "who sent a spank" or "BSDM matches" when I have no idea if they even put effort into having a profile. I don't want to go clicking everyone and waste everyone's time either.

This has been going on for days. I have even tried more than one browser.

Cleared my caches, etc.

Definitely irritated.


oh no - sorry to hear this,

I'm not aware of any sitewide issues so this sounds like a one for the techies - could you possibly log a ticket using 'help' below ?  please include as much info as possible.

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