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The Legend of Dark Daddy


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It was hot and humid out. The air was thick and heavy. Huge thunderstorms were rolling in. The sky was dark with an eerie red haze to it.


Baby and Daddy were on the couch relaxing after dinner.


The storms hit. Heavy rain. Thunder. Lightening. 


The power went out.


Baby went and got some candles and snuggled into Daddy.


Now what she asked?


Have you ever heard the story of Dark Daddy?


Dark Daddy? No. Who is that?


Well, sometimes when good girls act out a lot, or when they are brats all the time,  Daddy goes away for a little bit. Dark Daddy shows up.


What? Does Daddy come back?


Most of the time, after good girls learn their lesson. But the more they act out and the more bratty the become, the more Daddy goes away and Dark Daddy shows up.




Yup. So... once there was a special good girl who had a great Daddy. He took such good car of her. Lots of snuggles. Held hands when they went shopping. Trips to Cabo. She was good to Daddy, and Daddy was good to her.


But then this good girl started being a brat a lot. She would tell Daddy NO. I don't wanna. 


Daddy was frustrated with her. But no matter what he tried, she was still acting out.


One night, she went out with her girlfriends. She was wearing a new dress and shoes that Daddy bought. Daddy texted her and asked to see pics of her in the dress while she was out.


Baby texted that he can see it when she gets home.


Daddy asked again. She said later.


She texted Daddy that night to check in


No response.


Baby texted that she was on her way home.


No response.


She arrived to a totally dark house. Daddy's car wasn't there.


As soon as she walked in the door, she was shoved against the wall. And a hand put over her mouth. 

She was pulled back as he grabbed her.


A belt went around her neck and tape over her mouth.


She was pushed on all 4s.


He tugged on the belt. Move.


He walked her around the house. All of this is Daddys. Everything in here is Daddys. Do you understand. 


She didn't answer.


He tugged on the belt.

Mmmmhhmm she said.


He walked her further. 

You need to listen. Understand. 


She didn't answer. He took her shoes off her feet and broke the heels off, throwing them across the room.


He walked quickly up the stairs pulling on the belt around her neck, leading her to the bedroom.


At the entrance,  he grabbed her, and threw her on the bed. He immediately got on her as she was fa e down on the bed. He ripped off her dress, tearing it at the seams.


Daddy gives. Daddy takes away.


He rolled her over, sitting on her chest.

He pinched and tugged her nipped.

He bit them.

He put on her nipple clamps and tugged hard.


Fuck, she yelled through the tape on her mouth.


Oh, there's my girl!


He pulled her to the edge of the bed and hung her head off.


She shoved his cock in her mouth. Made her swallow all of it.


She gagged.


He released.


Every time he thrusted his cock in her mouth, he tugged hard on the chain connected to the nipple clamps.


He fucked her face like a pussy. Every time she gagged, he would push further, then pull out his clock and slap her face with it.


She wa so close to cumming,  but he would t let her go over the edge.


Finally, he fucked her mouth hard and fast. He pulled out his cock and shot his hot cum all over her face and ties.


She laid there panting.


You're welcome he said, as he left the room.


All of a sudden the lights came on and Daddy walked into the room.


Baby,  are you ok?


Let's go take a shower together and snuggle in bed, ok?


Yes Daddy.


Good girl.


So... you see, bratty girls get Dark Daddy to get them back to being special good girls.

oh my gawd. i want a dark daddy
I wish I had that dark a daddy because I bratted
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