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Anyone else finding the picture rating rules frustrating.

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So, my Dom and I took a picture for our joint profile. 

It's a decorative  rope tie of the neck and chest and had his hands placed flat over my breasts covering my nipples.

The was classed as NSFW with an 18 check. So can't be used as a profile. 

Raised a support and was told that bondage on an actual body is  classified as that. 

My argument would be that decorative, non restricting or restraining ties that are purely aesthetic is hardly bondage? 

Funny really as I thought this was a fetish site. 

Maybe you need to up the sign in process with age checks rather than slamming all these stupid classifications on pictures that are on an adult fetish site! 

Anyway. Moan over. 



I think i sort of agree but the rules are the rules.

I've had this same argument also ages ago, I made up a forum post about photo ratings and their rules. It's stupid for a fetish site to slap 18+ on some photos when on another similar website you can put whatever you want on .

Well i thought the picture was classy and elegant and  what I would describe as a stunning piece of visual art and totally agree you should be able to use it as your chosen Profile picture.  I am disappointed for you both that you are unable to do this. 

I was once verified as 18. Then my premium membership ran out and the verification was removed, suggesting that I am no longer above the age of 18 because I am just a regular member now? This website is often illogical, but if you wish to play in this house then, fair enough, you have to play by the rules

I had the profile picture for the munch I help run rejected.  It was a photo of the mascot we use so that people can find us in the pub - a cuddly toy unicorn!  I couldn’t be bothered to question such a daft decision. Basically this site appears to be a knocking shop, and a rubbish one at that.  All I get is lazy approaches from people who can’t be bothered to read my profile.   I use Fetlife regularly, you’d have no problems on there as the photo restrictions are perfectly sensible, and it’s much easier to find real events and people. 


Rules are great but it's when they're applied in an inconsistent manner that's infuriating.
The response from support to our question was.


Bondage on a real body has to be set on NSFW.
We've to respect the youth protection laws in many countries.

Yet there are many magazine articles on the site that have images of bondage on a real body.  One of these pages features in the latest treasure hunt so people are being actively driven to a page containing two images of restraint/suspension in rope. Don't need the 18+ check to view these.

But what really does make me laugh is that all these magazine articles, complete with images are publicly available on the site WITHOUT even creating an account.  So much for respecting youth protection laws.   :confused:

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Basically, come on over to Fetlife, it’s not perfect, but it’s way better than this.  It doesn’t censor cuddly toys, and you can actually find events and communicate with other people properly. (And there’s pictures of me nekkid, what more could you want?)

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