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Something Is Missing: Part 3

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“No, Sir,” she would have dropped her head in shame, but he held the whip under her chin so that she could not avoid his gaze. “I do not know why you are punishing me, Sir. I am truly sorry for displeasing you, Sir. Would you please tell me what I did wrong, so that I can learn from my mistakes, Sir?”

“Remind me, what did you say when you came in here?”

“I said I was hoping you would like my new bikini, but now I’m thinking you don’t like it, Sir.”

“On the contrary, I would very much like to enjoy you in this very moment, but first you need to learn some respect. What did you say before the bikini comment?”

“That I want to go swimming, Sir.”


He tapped the whip lightly against her cheek, but still hard enough to make her flinch.

“I want does not get.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. I did not appreciate what I was saying, Sir.” He tapped her other cheek and she flinched again. “I was disrespectful to ask for anything, Sir.”

“This is in fact the issue. You did not ask.”


He allowed the whip to rise under her chin again, lifting her gaze before she could break eye contact.

“How do you ask properly?”

“Please Sir, would you kindly take me swimming?”

“Better. Again.”

“Sir, would you please take me swimming?”

“Do not let your head lower. Again,” he started to pace back and forth.

“Sir, I would like to go swimming. Would you please take me?”

He snapped the whip hard against her right breast, but caught it on her shoulder strap. She flinched, but the thin strap took most of the impact.


“We will need to remove this, I think. Again,” he said while retrieving a pair of scissors. She whimpered, but he knew she would not dare to complain while being punished.

“Sir, I would love…” he reached down, snipping her right shoulder strap, “it if you would please take me swimming.” Her right breast relaxed in the bra, making his penis bounce with arousal.

“Again,” he snipped the other strap and her bra fell away from her chest. She shed a tear, for she loved this new bikini, but she had disrespected him and she would accept whatever punishment he deemed fit.

“Sir,” her voice strengthened in her resolve. “It would please me greatly if you would please take me swimming.”


Her nipples were perky and aroused by the stinging *** on her skin, blushed all over from the consequences of her behaviour. He stared at her, whip back under her chin, and he admired her stunningly plump form. She was not fat, or even chubby, but she curved in all the best places, and seeing her *** like this was something she knew he enjoyed.


“Why was I displeased with you?”

“I said what I wanted, instead of asking for it. I should have politely asked, as you have taught me so many times before; and the question would have made it clear what I would like.”

“Good girl. You are my possession. You are my plaything. If you want something, you ask for it nicely and you remember your manners. If I whip you some more, do you think this will prevent you from making the same mistake in the future?”

“I think it will, Sir.”

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