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Finally- Part 1


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First part of my session with my special good girl @Gimmemorecoffee


Baby was in town and we were finally going to meet up.  The plan was to meet for coffee at her hotel and see from there.


The morning before they met, Daddy told Baby not to come before he sees her. 24 hours+. No Cumming.


Daddy walked into the lobby with flowers and immediately spotted Baby walking towards a table with 2 cups of coffee in her hand.


She was looking down at the table. Daddy put the flowers on the table.


Hi baby.


Startled she looked up.



She jumped and gave him a huge hug.

She inhaled his scent.

Daddy squeezed her. Hi baby, I'm here.


Oh Daddy, I love the flowers.


They sat at the table and sipped coffee.


The tension was  intense between them. They attempted to chit chat, but desire overshadowed everything else.


After a few minutes, Daddy asked, Upstairs?


Baby nodded. Mmmmmhhhhm.


In the elevator,  Daddy grabbed Baby by the neck, pressed her against the wall and kissed her. They kissed with his hands around her throat all the way to her floor.


Daddy released her as the door opened, and they walked to the room.


The Suite had a couch, ottoman and chair in the front room. Separate bedroom in the back.


She unlocked the door and Daddy grabbed her. Daddy pushed baby up against the wall and kissed her. He stopped, she pulled in for more, but he pushed her back.



Daddy pulled off Baby's top and threw it on the floor. He pulled her tits out if their cups, sucking hard on each nipple. Baby moaned. 


Baby tried to kiss Daddy more, he pushed her head against the wall, grabbed her huge tits and squeezed them. 


Daddy pulled down Baby's jeans and tossed them to the side. Pressed up against the wall. Daddy sucked on Baby's nipples and worked his fingers on her clit.


She tried to undress Daddy.


He grabbed her by the throat, No touching.

He held her against the wall staring into her eyes as he fingered her.


She came. She came hard and fast. She moaned out for Daddy as he fingered her pussy and sucked on her nipples.


Daddy stopped. Her body vibrated. Go get on the bed.


Baby went and laid on the bed.


Daddy walked into the bedroom with his belt in his hand.


He positioned Baby with her head hanging off the bed, and wrapped his belt around her neck.


Daddy fucked her mouth.

Daddy tugged on the belt and choked her while she tried to swallow him.

Daddy rubbed Baby's pussy while he fucked her mouth like a pussy. 

She came again.

She gagged. 

Daddy rubbed his clock on her face and fed Baby his balls. She sucked on them.


Are you my slut?

Yes Daddy!

Are you my whore?

Yes Daddy!


She came again on Daddys fingers.


Daddy pulled her off the bed and walked her like a dog with his belt around her neck towards the front room.


He stopped at the full length mirror and fucked her mouth.


Look slut, Daddy said.


Sucking my cock.  Do you see yourself being a whore? 


Baby moaned on Daddys cock.


Daddy tugged on the belt and madd Baby crawl to the front room. Daddy laid Baby on the ottoman on her back. He proceeded to fuck her mouth with her head hanging off the edge of the ottoman, upside down.


Daddy fingered her pussy while she gagged and sucked on him.


She came again and screamed out. 

She screamed, I'm cumming Daddy! I'm cumming!


*Knock at the door* House keeping!


*knock again*


Baby yelled, Late check out.


Daddy let Baby up. 


She grabbed a towel and opened the door slightly. 


I have a late check out.


Baby turned around, Sorry Daddy.


Daddy reached out and took the belt off Baby's neck.


It's ok... the maid knows you're a whore too.


Daddy sat in the chair.


Service me.


Baby got on her knees infront of Daddy. Rubbed his cock on her nipples. Smiled and sucked on him.


She worked her mouth and tongue.

Her head bounced up and down on his cock.

He held her head down


"Hold it slut"


She gagged.


Her slobber all over Daddys cock. Rub it on your face.


Baby rubbed his slobbered covered cock all over her face.


Suck my balls.


She took both his balls in her mouth and sucked on them. Stroked Daddys cock. Squeezed Daddys cock.


Rub your pussy and only suck the head of my cock.


Baby rubbed her pussy and moaned.

She sucked on the head of Daddys cock.

But, the more she rubbed her pussy the closer she got to cumming the more of Daddys cock she swallowed.


Daddy grabbed baby by the hair.


Greedy where. I said just the head. Suck my balls.


I'm your whore Daddy.


Baby sucked on Daddys balls, and fingered her pussy until she came again. 


Baby proceeded to suck on Daddy again, working his cock with her mouth, steady and firm.


Showing Daddy how much she loved him and wanted to please him so so badly.


I'm going to cum, Daddy said as he stood up.


Baby sucked harder and faster.


I'm Cumming!


Baby stroked Daddys cock and his cum shot all over her pretty face, then angled it to shoot all over her big tits.


Daddy's body vibrated as he came and covered baby with his cum.


Baby didn't stop, and proceeded to suck on Daddys cock and clean up the mess.


Daddy smiled, as his eyes rolled back in his head.


Baby looked so beautiful with her face and tits covered in Daddys hot sticky cum


Baby smiled at Daddy and said Thank You. 


Daddy blew baby a kiss and went to get her a towel.


This reminds me a bit of Delicious Tacos’ writing, with no quotation marks to separate spoken words from action. A stylistic choice
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