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A bet she loved losing !

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I look at you ,you look excited and curious with bit turned on .no no no ,not a hint of it rather a whole lot of turned on and you say to me “ so what is your wish since you won the bet ,sure you didn’t cheat ? Tell me”. I stand up look down at you , you half laying on the sofa and I smile you see it , and somehow you instantly knew what I’m gonna say ,what I’m about to tell you to do !what is my wish, I take a sip of my water as I don’t want to drink I want to be fully there , fully aware .I spells. Ppsay ,I say not it in my usual chill, relaxed voice.no now I have put some base in my tone, and I say I …. WANT …. To… and now I lean down to put my face in front of yours ..OWN YOU for the night!!i want to own you!
I then put my hand on the back of your neck and push my self up to stand once more and say this is what I mean ….
I will use you! I will degrade you !I will humiliate you !I will yell at you !I will make sure you don’t look at your self the same ! I will let you know I'm superior to you !I want to let you know that you are inferior !and nothing more than a fuckhole I use and fill with my cum, I want to FUCK you ,and fuck you and Fuck you that my scent is what makes you cum when you smell my shirt that you borrowed and never returned cuz you need , no you must have it in order to get off ,-! you realize that your moans of pain and pleasure thinking of how I took all of you and literally fucked it and you creamed the Hardest you ever cum ,turned on by it all and by how I will forever be in your mind !
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