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*** Play


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I have no experience in *** play but it’s always been something I wanted to try.
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Hemophilia is a rare and uncommon kink.

It's one of my main kinks. I love all things vampires, and find the whole genre sexy, so it stands to reason that I would have a *** fetish.

It's a tricky one. I used to know a sub who was into cutting (herself) and self-harm. She wasn't into hemophilia, but as you can imagine, she spilled a lot of ***.

You don't want to down that road as her arms and legs were covered in scars. Literally covered in them.

I've only known one person who was turned on by ***. It's THAT rare.

What about *** turns you on? Bathing in it? Drinking it? Fucking in a pool of it?

For me it's all three.

A tip (so to speak) is to use needles of pins to drain your ***. That way it'll be easy for your skin to heal without need of stitched and it won't leave a scar.

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