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Hunter Vs Hunter


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Primal BDSM related topic- As a Dominate leaning Male and Hunter, am I the only one that is fascinated by the concept of to Primal Hunters hunting each other? the object is not to make the others submit, rather a constant display of strength and prowess. think of it as a ritual of a special hunt, its not win or lose, its the challenge of testing your skills against another. this pairs with my love for the Warrior Women, the High Priestess, and the Huntress. all various concepts and forms of strength, Why do we not hear more conversation about like minded views or am I just a very rare taste?
I agree with this. It’s more ritualistic in my opinion pagan like. The old ways are all but getting lost brother.
We are few and far these days.

I've presented similar thoughts on other sites, and most of the replies were something along the lines of "that might be fun, but such a dynamic would be short-lived and not sustainable". So I guess those of us who are into this sort of primal play are few.

I'll admit that I'm still on the less experienced end of the primal spectrum, and my experience with another hunter/predator/dominant is limited (most of my primal experience has been with a bratty, primal sub). But the hunts/fights I've had without the intent of declaring a winner and a loser have been something special. You get so caught up in the thrill of the fight and the thrill of your partner. I haven't had a truly spiritual experience (yet) during primal play, but I've occasionally felt what I can best describe as a "semi-spiritual" experience.

That makes me think of the scene in Dark Shadows. It could be very hot to be a part of such a thing, but I’ve not found a Domme willing to participate in such an activity.

It's a good question.

I think the constant butting of the heads and clash of egos would get tiring.

I always cite the similarities of vanilla relationships with kink relationship. In this case, though, I don't think similarities work.

In vanilla relationships you need to be compatible and share similarities. Essentially, you have to be as much of a mirror image as possible.

Despite what people say, opposites do not attract when it comes to vanilla.

In a BDSM dynamic, though, I would say that opposites (in terms of BDSM) definitely attract.

It's not gospel, though. Nothing is black and white. I'm sure there are dozens of Dom/Domme relationships.

I've just never heard one of any.

Personally, I like strong women. I like women with a strong character and a dazzling intellect. But underneath the vanilla cloak, I'm very much in charge.

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