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primal hunt 1


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with a hard smack on the ass you tauntingly command/dare me "now run my prey! see if you can escape." followed by a laugh that could rip my clothes off all on its own. stumbling from the blow i scramble away, getting to my feet and running into the depths of the forest. branches swatting and scratching, twigs snapping underfoot as i try to make distance. i don't have any way to track the time so the ten minute head start does little more than amplify my *** at every other sound, dreading that you've already caught me. i know you'll play fair and wait, just like i know if i don't make for a good hunt then I'll be punished but if i can stay free long enough i get pampered. either way i know you'll have your wolfy way with me when you do finally catch me and I'm already wet with anticipation.

the sprint catching up to me, i slow down, now being more careful, leaving less of a trail. i know i can't hide yet, that wouldn't be a good hunt so i have to keep going. the full moon filters through the trees giving just enough light to see where I'm going. all the while, as I'm trying to pay attention to my path, part of my mind wanders to the inevitable conclusion. i can't tell if I'm panting from the run or from need as i try to focus on picking through the dense brush. my body twitching, soft and hard in just the right places, yearning to be caught. but then i go down, not tackled by you but tripping over a root. I'm more surprised than hurt but all the scratched and dirtier for it. i quickly get up and brush myself off only to hear a distant but very familiar howl. my head start is over, the hunt is officially on.

as i fight my way through the rest of the thicket i hear the faint sound of water. emerging into a small clearing with a shallow creek running through. it's a hot night and after running and falling and the various cuts and sc***s i could use this. it's only up to my shins but cool and clean and i can't help but stop and squat down to rinse myself off. it's a risky delay and makes the bells on my collar jingle loudly but so refreshing. but i can only take a minute, you're much faster than me and i can't waste time. making my way across the creek I'm careful not to slip in the mud on the other bank before spotting a small game trail, better than climbing through scratchy branches again. i take off at a light jog, mottled moon and star light showing me the way.

another howl, you're not far behind, my heart races again and my palms start to sweat, the hair on my neck stands on end and i can't help but start running again. i need to evade you for at least another howl, what decides when you loose them is only known to you but i know what happens if i don't make it to three. if you haven't crossed the creek yet you're close, i have to get off this path. luck seems to be on my side, the trees once one side give way to a small cliff with a foot path. while it's still a path you might not notice it. i skitter down the trail trying to regain some distance and quickly reach the bottom. i can feel the hunt taking its toll, everything hurts a little bit and I'm covered in a thin layer of sweat and a little ***. i can't help but stop for a moment and catch my breath.

as soon as i so my mind starts racing again, what you'll do if you come down that path right now. what happens if you catch me. the *** *** sends shivers across my whole body and another surge of adrenaline. i cautiously pick my way through the trees, the moonlight struggles to reach me here and i don't want to fall again. i *** myself to move slowly, deliberately. everything inside of me screams to run, to get further away, to find a hiding spot and hope you go past me. but i breathe through it and keep going, slowly, carefully, the panic roaring with each step that your about to pounce.

i finally make my way into a small grove of pine trees, the bed of fallen needles surprisingly thick and soft, the moonlight gently breaking through the canopy. i take a moment and look myself over, scratched, my dress torn and dirty, muddy and soaked shoes. i certainly put in the effort, nobody could claim otherwise. i only get a moment to be proud of myself before my *** freezes and i realize i made a mistake. i stopped moving. i realize this because i hear another howl, just a few feet behind me.
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