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Hot Wife Sue


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She had finished reading one of my stories and was soaked.




Her husband looked over. Him. I want him to be my first hot wife experience. 


Sue messaged me and we exchanged emails and photos. We clicked and decided to meet.


She was in her late 30s. Blonde hair and big blue eyes. Chubby with big perky tits. 


Sue and Mike were sitting in the hotel bar when I walked in. I sat with them, had a few drinks, while we chatted.


I'm ready she said. She took my hand and led me to the elevators.


She unlocked the hotel room and went in. Mike stopped me.


Go easy on her, he said.


Since you're not taking care of things at home, I don't think you're in a position to give advice, I said with a smile.


In the front room of the suite there was a couch and a chair with a table in the middle.


I walked up to Sue and whispered in her ear. She nodded and went into the bedroom.


I sat on the couch and Mike sat in the chair.


Sue crawled out of the bedroom on all 4s wearing bra, panties and thigh highs.


I pushed the table out of the way with my foot.


Come here and put your head in my lap.


Her head my my lap, looking at her husband. 


Are you ready?


Yes she replied quickly. 


I'm going to show you what I real man can do..


I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She sucked on it as it grew harder.


She was greedy. She tried to out it all in her mouth. She slobbered on my pants. I pulled her up by the hair. Slow down.


I stood up and stripped naked.


Such my balls. She sucked them.

Stroke my cock with your left hand. She did.


Hey Mike, look at your pretty wife, she has my balls in her mouth. Those rings you bought her and those vows you made. That hand is wrapped around my clock.


Mike stroked his cock through his pants.


She's your wife, but she's my whole.


I fed Sue my cock and fucked her face.


Her eyes water and she gagged. 


First-time with a real cock in your mouth?

She moaned and nodded.


I stood up and slapped my cock on her face.


Do you want some Daddy dick?




I stood her up and removed her bra. Big perky DDs flopped out. I sucked on her nipples hard.


I put her on all 4s on the couch facing her husband.

I slid my finges up her pussy. She was soaked.


I put my cock right in.


She screamed and moaned out.  She reached out and held her husband's hand while I slowly and firmly slid in and out.


I moved faster and harder and deeper.


She moaned out. 


Her husband held her hand with his left hand and was jerking his cock with his right.


It was right in her face while he stroked.


I grabbed her hair and tugged her head back.


Don't suck his dick. You're my whore. I pumped her harder.


She screamed and came.


Her husband came all over himself. 


I rolled her over on her back and fucked her face to face.  I grabbed her tits and squeezed while I pumped her. 


She came again. Her husband was jerking at his limp cock still covered in cum.


I grabbed her by the throat and pumped deeper and harder.


He's going to cum in your pussy Mike moaned out.


I pulled my cock out. Pushed Sue down on her knees infront of Mike between his legs. I stroked my cock and shot my load all over her face and tits so he would have a front row seat.


Oh my God, oh my God he said over and over.


I fed her my cock and she sucked out the rest of my cum.


You can have your pretty wife back now.


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