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Daddys Mood (trigger warning)


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Baby sent Daddy a picture of her sitting by the pool working on her laptop. She was wearing her HAPPY black tank top and short khaki skirt.


I MISS YOU, she wrote.


No response. 


A little while later, Baby heard a car pull into the driveway.  She walked into the house and walked towards the front of the house.  


Baby intersected Daddy by the dining room.


Daddy?!? What are you doing home?


Daddy grabbed her and pushed her into the dining room, up against the table.


He kissed her deeply. He sucked on her tongue. 

Kissed her neck.

Pushed her tits up and together and kissed her cleavage.


Daddy,  she moaned.


He picked her up onto the table and pulled down her panties.


Daddy looked baby in the eyes and licked his lips.


He shot hit head down between her thighs and licked her pussy with one long, hard, deep stroke.


She screamed out. Jesus!


He covered her mouth.


Daddy slid his tongue inside her, and sucked on her clit. 


Baby lost it immediately. She came hard. She squirted. She squirted all over Daddys face as she came.


She tried to scream out, but Daddys hand covered her mouth.


Baby's squirt covered Daddys face and all over his suit, shirt and tie.


Daddy didn't stop. He kept licking and sucking on Baby's clit. 


Baby came again. And squirted again. 


Covering Daddys face and clothes.


Daddy stood up and took off his suit jacket, shirt, snd tie and dropped them to the floor.


He rubbed Baby's pusst and slid his fingers inside with one hand, and gropped her tits.


Oh my God Daddy, she moaned. Fuck me.


Daddy dropped to his knees again and sucked on her clit, nibbling on it.


She grabbed his hair and pulled it.


She screamed out again as he sucked on her clit, and slid 2 fingers in and out of her pushy.


She came again and squirted again.


Fuuuck, Daddy, Please, she screamed out.


Daddy stood up and grabbed her by her long black hair.


He led her up the stairs to the bedroom and tossed her on the bed.


He dropped his pants, and leaned forward into her and licked her pussy again. 


She tried to push him away.


He rolled her over so she was sitting on his face with her legs locked around his arms, and his hands reaching up grabbing her tits, face and throat.


She road his face and screamed.

He sucked on her clit. Licked all over her pushy. Worked his tongue deep inside her.

Tugged on her nipples


She screamed and squirted again.


Please. No more she screamed.


Daddy grabbed her ass with both hands, pulled Baby closer as he worked his tongue deeper, harder and faster all over Baby's soaked pussy.


Baby grinded on Daddys face. She was on the edge of cumming. 


Daddy squeezed Baby's ass, and dug his nails into her ass cheeks.


She came again and screamed squirted.

She fell over on Daddy.


Daddy rolled her over onto her back.

He slid up and kissed her on the forehead.


She laid on the bed panting.

Body numb and vibrating at the same time.


Body still pulsating from her orgasms.


Daddy got into the shower and came back.

He was picking out another suit, shirt and tie. 


I am meeting a client for drinks at 5, I will be home by 7ish.  I will pick up dinner on the way home.

Can you take my suit to the cleaners?




She raised her arm, gave him a thumbs up and dropped her arm.


Thanks, Baby.


I love it! Being eaten with NO MERCY is the BEST!
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