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Stockings and toenail colors


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I do purple nails with any color.  I like white stockings, purple, black, but I’m  in red now , as asked.  My toes look best with dark colors.  Do any of you wear light colors?  

i love pink and white stockings, and my nails depend on the situation. i love a girly pink, but a sexy red is sometimes a better choice. To be honest, tan tights are my go-to hosiery, 20 or 40 denier
Any color is awesome. White is classiest with dark hose.

You can’t beat a bright red 👍

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Red goes well with anything, as well as black and purple.  I tried white and silver—. Didn’t work on me.  

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Red with red nets
Baby yellow with Baby blue nets

Crimson red nails with red nets.

Pink with pink
Damn yo....that's good enough

White stockings with red, blue or black nails. Black or flesh colored I like a white or clear polish.

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