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A Halloween Tale…… 🎃🎃🎃


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All Hallows eve, there was a stir in air

The chains were a rattling, the evening was fair


The darkness descended like the moon had gone black

The toys were removed from their heavy ladened sack


The clock struck twelve, the night had begun

Many a sub would soon find themselves undone


Hair raising pleasure was on the agenda

All they could do is but surrender


The latex and leather dropped to the floor

There were so many contours to endlessly explore


The spine-tingling music echoed through the sound system 

Their figures were glistening like well refined pistons   


The oohs and aahs were a sign of things to come

Better than any witches brew, for tonight they would be drinking cum


The moans in the dungeon were a Doms wicked delight

The arses on fire wouldn’t be the only thing tonight


Candles were lit and ready to pour

The breasts all bound would soon be very sore


The nipples were twisted like they were juicing a cranberry

The squirms from their bodies made their Doms very happy


The panting and heaving danced along to the beat

This sure wasn’t in the manual of trick or treat


Orgasms abound in a delicious way

This went far beyond any roll in the hay


Bound to the cross like a good heathen

The atmosphere was undeniably steaming


The floggers hit their charge in a blink of an eye

This was so much better than any damn pumpkin pie


Dripping like wax melts, they slid to their knees

All you could hear is their wanton pleas


No rest for the wicked, it was time to open wide

A mouthful of cock was far better than any candy surprise


They sucked like a demon on a devilish night

Their face said it all, they looked such a fright


Mascara streaking down their pretty face

Lipstick smeared, such a wonderful disgrace


The wand in hand homed in on its target

The clit was on overdrive like a fire sale at a farmers’ market


Bubbling away like a cauldron on heat

When the wand hit its max speed, they squirted toot sweet


Their eyes rolled into the back of their heads

You would swear they were the ghostly undead


Flying high, like a witch on their broom

Orgasm after orgasm, came all too soon


Awakening the banshees hidden inside

Those dastardly Doms became werewolves tonight


Howling at the pleasures they had unwound

Their subs were now totally spellbound


The wrists tied with perfect precision

Like a nail in the coffin, it was time to be driven


They pumped those pussies like bats out of hell

The smile on their faces were their stories to foretell


With the cobwebs now swiftly swept to the side

Halloween was upon us; it was no time to hide


Like a Jack-o’-lantern out on the deck

This was one Hallows night they would not forget


Debauchery stirred all over again

it was time to continue and let the fun rein on in……..


Happy Halloween everyone 🧙‍♀️🧹🪄👻🦇

Love Pixie 💜🧚‍♀️


This is really good as always sis
Oh what a great to wake up to this morning! 🥰😍
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