Of all the annual holidays, Halloween is the sexiest as well as the spookiest, which is great for us kinksters. While it’s a good time to bring your fetish wear out of the wardrobe and wear it with pride, what can you get away with wearing in vanilla company? Victoria Blisse has a guide to adult Halloween costumes that will keep you kinky and kooky as well as sexy and spooky! 

On the most unearthly night of the year, the best kind of Halloween is a sexy Halloween. Many run of the mill costumes you can pick up in supermarkets actually look like outfits you’d see at your local fetish event. So this can be the perfect time to pick up items to add to your fetish collection such as tights and stockings, veils, tutus, chokers and the like. 

Wait ‘til the day after Halloween and it’ll all be even cheaper.  However, what if you don’t want to spend any money but still want a sexy Halloween costume? Well, then dig into your kink wardrobe to find the perfect outfit. 

What to wear to a sexy halloween party

As with anything we do in the fetish world, consent is key. If you’re attending an adult Halloween party, people there will be expecting sexy Halloween costumes, but they aren’t attending a fetish event, so there are some items of fetish wear you can get away with and others you really shouldn’t try. 

Sexy Halloween Party Fetish Wear
Pretty sexy corset for an adult halloween.

Do wear:

  • Corsets - They’re pretty, sexy and give a historical elegance to any costume. 
  • Lacy lingerie - Especially in black, lacy bodies, shawls and matching sets look fabulous and fancy and can be spooked up easily enough to become a sexy witch, pirate or vampire. 
  • Chains - Spook up your ghost outfit, be a prisoner of old and clink those sexy chains. Everyone will love the authentic old school vibe and only you will know what you usually use’em for!
  • Harnesses - These look spooky and are definitely sexy and can be used over clothing when you might normally be naked underneath. 
  • Cat suit -  No explanation really needed, be the sexiest cat at the party in your shiny cat suit. 
  • Sexy role play outfits - Nurse, nun, school girl, angel or police officer. Wear them with pride! 

Avoid wearing:

  • Expensive latex - You don’t want it ruined or to have to answer awkward questions about why you own a latex dress!
  • Items with holes - If your fetish wear is cut to show off your assets think twice before wearing in public! Keep your booty and boobs under wraps outside of the fetish club! It might be an adult Halloween party but don’t make it an XXX one!
  • Restraints - Cuffs and collars can add to your look but don’t actually restrain yourself. There might not be anyone around who knows how to release you in an emergency. 
  • Gimp suit - That’s going to lead to some awkward questions. Also you’ll find it hard to communicate with other party goers.

Sexy Halloween Nurse Outfit Fetish Wear
Role play outfits are great for a sexy halloween.

Fetish wear for every occasion 

Realistically, your fetish wear isn’t going to be suitable for a family-friendly Halloween party. You might be able to use some of your accessories or items of clothing that cover everything but think twice before wearing your ass-less chaps or form fitting latex dress to a family gathering. 

Be sure to assess the party you are attending before deciding to wear your kinky outfit. Will it be an adult Halloween party, a sexy Halloween party or neither of those? If you know others going, find out what they’re going to wear. You don’t want to be the only person in a teeny-tiny outfit!

Think twice

An adult Halloween party is the perfect time of the year to let your freak flag fly,  but think about what you’re wearing and where you’re wearing it. Always be ready to answer awkward questions. You can always feign innocence and claim you bought the items with no idea what they’re normally used for. If you’re going to be uncomfortable answering questions, though, avoid taking your fetish wear into the vanilla world. 

Halloween sex might be extra spooky but remember to always carry protection - and I’m not talking about a crucifix or a bulb of garlic. Make sure you have condoms but also, if you’re using any kind of kink kit make sure you carry your safety kit too. Even if you’re not planning to get your kink on, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Have a fun and sexy Halloween and enjoy the exhibitionist thrill of using your fetish wear as an adult Halloween costume. Don’t forget to take a pic and upload it to your profile on Fetish.com to share it with your friends. And who knows, it might attract the vampire of your dreams!

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