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Trapped little masochist


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We drive to a local hiking trail along the cliffs overlooking the water…you stop the car and say ‘Let’s play a game of hide and seek little one’….you close your eyes and give me a 10 minute head start…

I quickly jump out of the car and run through the trail…heart racing from fear of getting lost and fear from getting caught knowing I have been bratting and misbehaving all week…

Running through the trail, the long grass scratching my legs…I see a rocky area and decide to hide behind the boulders…and I wait…

Time seems to stand still…and then I hear you…

I try to steady my breath as I feel like my heart is going to give me away because it’s beating so loud…then just when I think you found me, I hear your footsteps go past me and fade away…

I wait a bit longer making sure you are completely gone before I make my way back out onto the trail…i smirk proud to have outsmarted you

Only to feel your arm wrap around my waist…a hand on my mouth silencing my screams.

You throw me over your shoulder and carry me through the trail into a cabin…

Want to guess what happens next?

I lay you onto the bed, your breath and mine fast and panting from excitement and anticipation. Our breathing calms looking into each other's eyes. A slow movement forward from me, a slight hesitation and slight head turn from you. I stop, you turn back, we stare again. Then you grab the back of my head and pull me in for the kiss we both so desperately yurned for.

I d tell you what happens next
The screen door to the cabin is open, barely hanging on both its hinges. I push open the flimsy wooden door with my shoulder and put u down on the dusty tabletop, you struggle but I can hold you easily until u tire, puffed out searching for breath. I rip ur skirt down and tear open ur stocking with one hand as I hold u by your neck with the other. Your energy depleted, It’s easy now to tie you in my fav crab pose,your forearms bound tightly to ur calves as u cuss at me being a little bitch. So I push u over, ur face sideways on the table, I just laugh as I leave a few perfect red handprints on your pretty ass.
I place my hand under ur pony tail and lift ur head to look at me as a coy smile slides across my face, yet I say nothing.
I take out my wallet and leave out exactly $36.95 on the table beside you.
“Yeah now what” I hear you say.
“what are u going to do and what the fucks that money for?” you say.

Well you see tonight I’m going to do something I’ve been wanting to do ever since we met, I’ve been dying for it, to feel it again, it’s been so fucking long sooo…..Im off to the Pub and I’m staying there till closing time! And the moneys for the pizza boy cause I’m gonna be hungry after all those beers!
Now be a good girl and stay there won’t you lol!
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