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Stranger sex… have you had it? How close have you come?


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Sometimes she’s teacher,
Right now she’s his student.
His eyes, her wall,
they see right through it.
Her touch-less orgasm, &
how does he do it?
Inside she spasms,
before he sticks it into it.
Vein bulging arms,
That her nails run down.
His hand her mouth,
muffles the sound,
of her gush on their feet,
as she collapses in the street.
Thrown over his shoulder,
feeling complete,
Comes his first words,
“It’s nice to meet.”
Ive only been fucked once it was with a stranger in an adult store in their arcade
If the opportunity presented itself, like a stranger messaging me and swapping only the necessary info(mainly for safety and verification), I’d be more convinced to try it
Closest I’ve come, was working in the hospital being basically molested by a nurse in the doctors lounge it was the ultimate quickie with plenty of excuse for it, but I had known her for about a week.
She sent me a picture an hour later, the hand that scooped my cum from her vagina around her husband’s neck. She was a very ethical slut because she told her husband and they are living happily ever after.
I’d absolutely smash a stranger! Only problem is bag or no bag
I’ve had stranger sex quite a lot actually. My ex enjoyed watching me with strangers.. some very hot and nasty times were had.. I’ve also had sex with strangers in the Portland Oregon adult theaters and some bookstores with glory holes.. good times😉

Never had it unfortunately it seems to be a taboo thing which is a shame but would really love to try it but I never get messages anyway so I know it will never happen 

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