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Don't be Ugly - Dark Daddy (trigger warning)


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Baby and Daddy were out to dinner with Beth and Dave.

Beth and Dave were going on and on about how successful they were, how they bought expensive things, and a trip they were about to take.


So, we are staying in an Ocean view room at Secrets in Jamaica. We could have done Oceanfront, but we just didn't think it was worth it, Beth went on.


You guys went to Jamaica, right?


Yes, Baby nodded.


You all stayed oceanfront?


Uh huh, Baby said.


Which resort?


Um.... I think it was a Four Seasons.


Four Seasons?!? I looked there. Those rooms are like $5000 a night.


Daddy squeezed Baby's leg.


No, they are not that much. Plus I used hotel points and all, Daddy said.


Hotel points? Beth fired back.


Daddy nodded. What do you all think of the wine?


But, Beth started, you also went to St Lucia, Cabo, and Europe. All this year. You just bought (Baby) a new Mercedes SUV and you have a new Tesla. Are you a drug kingpin (Daddy)?


Yup, you got me. Are you all flying direct to Jamaica, or have a layover?


How much *** do you make, (Daddy)? Beth asked.


Daddy shook his head.


Oh, come on. Dave makes really good ***. He's going to clear $150,000 this year. That's why we can do all these expensive things, and not think about it.


Dave, that's great. Congrats on your success and a great year. Daddy said. Hey, are you coming to Poker Night this week?


(Daddy), why won't you say how much you make? We are all friends here. Quit being a little bitch, Dave said.


Jesus Fucking Christ. Baby blurted out. His last quarter bonus was over $200,000. Ok? Happy now?


Fuuuucckkk, Beth and Dave said in unison.


The evening ended, and neither Beth nor Dave reached for the bill nor offered anything. 


In the car on the way home, Baby and Daddy rode on silence.


Why couldn't you just shut them up, Baby started.


It's ugly to talk about ***.


Ohhhh, so now I'm ugly?


That's not what I mean, and you know it. 


Well, that's what you said.


It's classless to talk and boast about ***. I've worked very hard to get where I am and deserve every penny. Do you like this Mercedes? Do you like the house? Do you like first class flights and staying in the Four Seaons?


Daddy pulled into the garage and parked the car.


I can pay for those things too. 


OK. No one is stopping you.


Well maybe if you didn't act so stuck up all the time people would think to ask you how much you made.

You are such a pretentious prick.


Now, you are being ugly.


Baby got out of the car, slammed the door and stomped into the house. 


Baby stomped all the way to the bedroom and slammed the door. Screaming FUCK YOU.




Baby woke up to a loud bang.


She sat up. The room was totally dark.


Daddy was not in bed.


Baby sat up and heard a bang again.


She walked to the bedroom door and stopped.

As soon as she opened the bedroom door, she was pushed down to the ground on her back with a thud.


He was on top of her with her arms pinned down by his shin.


Get the fuck off of me she scream.




She grunt.




Get off.




She tried to get up




She exhaled heavily and relaxed her body.


Please get off of me.


He rubbed his cock all over her face.


We have to get that ugliness out, the voice said.


He shoved his cock in her mouth. He made her swallow allmof him. 


She gagged on his cock.


He pressed hard. No relief. His cock stabbed the back of her throat.


Her eyes teared up and streamed down her face.


Yes, wash away the ugly the voice said.


He pulled out his slobbery cock and rubbed it all over her face. 


Get the ugly off.


She licked  his cock.


Good. Good girl.


He shoved his cock back in her mouth and fucked her throat again. His hips thrusting up and down using her throat like a pussy.


He grabbed her hair and tugged. Forcing her head up taking him deeper in her throat. 


He let her go.


She gasped for air.


He slapped her with his hand. Slapped her with his cock.


She groaned.


He grabbed her by the hair and stood her up.


He stripped off her pajamas and she stood naked infront of him.


Dark Daddy slapped her big tits, grabbed and squeezed them. Over and over.


Baby moaned and groaned. 


Get it out he said.


He pushed her on the bed and pinned her legs up on his shoulders. 


Her worked his cock straight onto her ass.


She screamed.


He slapped her.


He ***d his cock in stretching out her ass hole.


With his rock all the way in, he slapped her tits, grabbed them and pinched her ripples.


Over and over and over.


She moaned out with his cock buried deep in her ass.


He pumped her ass and ***d her with one hand. Using the other hand to grow her tits and tugg on her ripples.


Dark Daddy used her body to get out the ugliness.


He pounded hard, deep and fast in her ass.


He pulled out and put her on her knees.

He put his cock in her mouth and walked her into the bathroom with his dick in her mouth being tugged hy her hair


She sucked on him as she walked on her knees.


In the bathroom, he stroked his cock and came all over her face. He fucked her mouth again, making her swallow all of his cum.


Dark Daddy turned on the shower with only cold water and put Baby in. 


The freezing water stung her body.


Wash away all the ugly the voice said.


The bathroom door slammed as Dark Daddy left


A few moments later the light flicked on and Daddy walked in with a warm towel.


Here Baby, let's get you dried off and cozy, Daddy said giving her a kiss on the forehead  and wrapped her in his warmth.

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