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What She Wants 01


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[Content Note - DD/lg, bondage, sensory deprivation]

She is still laughing about his story, her mind and body relaxed, cuddled up against him on their bed, when he snaps his fingers. Focussing her attention on him immediately. "You know your safeword?" His voice is gentle, calm, but still has a different quality to it than it did when he was just telling her about work, some useless coworker's mistake. She blinks once, nods. Yes. "Good. Tell me the rule." Strong arms still holding her naked body tightly against his, warmth, comfort, patience. She closes her eyes to focus, clears her throat. "I will safeword if I need to. Daddy will be proud of me, take care of me. Daddy will safeword if he needs to. We will take care of each other." A kiss on her cheek, a whispered response. "Well done. Such a good girl." She grins as he says this, her heart pounding in her chest. "Thank you Daddy."

He slowly disentangles their bodies, the mattress shifts under his weight. She opens her eyes to watch him get up, pull open a drawer, get out his favourite set of metal restraints. Their eyes meet, and the sparkle in his sends an excited shiver down her spine. "How does Daddy like you best?" She chuckles, pulls the comfy blanket off her, revealing her naked form. Obediently, she spreads her legs, lifts her arms above her head, grabbing onto part of the headboard. "Such a good girl," he repeats, approaching her, fastening shackles around wrists and ankles, keeping her safely in place. His hands start to wander up and down her legs, squeezing the soft flesh, teasing her.

When she starts to squirm, trying to grind her hips against his touch, a soft moan escaping her, he looks right into her eyes. "Now, ask for it." She blanks. Ask for what? "Please touch me Daddy," she tries, lifting her hips, longing to feel his hand on her mound, his finger slipping between her lips, finding her hard little clit ... "No. Ask for it." His hands stop moving, and he smirks at her. A good sign. He thinks it's funny that she can't remember, that she doesn't know what's going on. He isn't disappointed in her. This is part of his plan. "I- uhm, may I.." she stops, closes her eyes, tries to focus. Ask for what?

One hand is finding its way up her body, gently touching her soft stomach, running up her side and armpit, up her stretched out arm, finding her wrist that is securely attached to the headboard, cool metal restraints against her skin. His fingers interlace with hers, he holds her hand gently. "Ask me for that favour. You're Daddy's favourite little girl. You can have anything, if you just ask for it nicely."

Their eyes meet again, and suddenly something slides into focus in her mind. A memory. In her favourite park, on their bench, his hand on her thigh. His mouth right by her ear, whispering. 'Tell me a secret,' he said. 'A secret wish for Daddy.' She took a sharp breath, eyes wide. Mind racing. 'If you could ask me for anything, any favour you want ... anything in the world. What would you ask for?'

"Oh." He laughs as the little sound escapes her, he can see the realisation in her eyes. "So. Ask for it." She gasps, feels her muscles tense, her stomach, her thighs, her butt. Squirming on the bed, feeling herself getting wet, her cunt pulsing with anticipation. "Daddy, I- could you ... I would like-" She licks her lips, tries to focus. He laughs again, a welcome comfort. "Here, let me help you focus." Producing a blindfold from god knows where, he covers her eyes, reducing the sensory input her little mind has to work through. The soft fabric, the welcome darkness, it has the desired effect.
"Daddy, I would like.. to get fucked." Biting her lip. Imagining his smirk. "By- by someone.. I would.. I'd like to get shared by Daddy. Showing off your favourite little girl to your friends, maybe I could- I, I could-" Her voice shakes, breaks off, her mind racing. Is this really happening? He isn't the kind who enjoys some public attention. Isn't the kind who likes to share his girl. She is his, exclusively. But he knows how much that fantasy excites her. So maybe ... "Daddy, I want to get used by your friends, please. I want your cock, I want to feel, I want them watching, I-" He shuts her up with a kiss. Deep, hungry, lustful. Thighs shaking, wrists straining against the metal cuffs, she moans against his lips.

A door opens and her heart skips a beat. She cannot see who it is, hears footsteps on the wooden floor, her body squirming. Fuck, she cannot remember the last time she felt this excited. Someone is there. Watching them kiss. Watching her Daddy's hand finally moving between her thighs, cupping her, grinding his palm against her clit, dipping one finger into her pussy.

He breaks their kiss, leaving her hungry for more, his finger teasing her wet entrance, making her whimper. "Give her a taste," he says, to someone else. Before she can comprehend, she feels the mattress shift again, hears someone, smells someone. Something brushing against her lips. Slowly pushing between them, the tip of a cock, someone else's, fuck, someone else's hard fucking cock in her mouth and Daddy's hand on her pussy. She moans around the cock, feels another hand on her, stroking her stomach, another one on her head, holding her steady. "Good girl," her Daddy says, a warmth spreading out inside her chest, "such a good girl, pleasing Daddy's friends. Making me proud. I hope you're ready for more." Two fingers thrusting into her cunt, she hears the door again, moans, another hand on her foot, gently rubbing her sole, another on her calf, the cock inside her mouth twitching, Daddy's breath against her ear. "Such a good girl, asking for what she wants. Asking for all those dicks you crave, hm?" A mumbled conversation on the other side of the room, Daddy's hands on her head, moving her on his friend's cock, making her suck him off, giving her what she wants. Such a good girl. Such a good Daddy.
Wow! You have a way with words, and you’re filthy…
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