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What She Wants 02


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[Content Note - DD/lg, aftercare, choking]
Hot water is running down her back, filling the tub. Her knees pulled up against her chest, her arms wrapped around them, her chin resting on top. He is holding the shower head in one hand, a washcloth in the other. Gently rubbing her shoulders, her back.
"You did so, so well," he says, and she focusses on his voice, the rushing sound of the water. The bathroom lights are turned off, only a little nightlight is glowing on the wall by the sink. The hand with the cloth is massaging the back of her neck now, warm, deep. "I am so proud of you. You made Daddy proud, being such an incredible, lovely little whore for my friends." The way he says it makes her grin. A lovely little whore.
"You-" she clears her throat, tries again. "You liked it, Daddy?" The massaging hand stops. The water is turned off, and then his hands reach for her face, cupping it gently, turning it towards him. "I loved it. You were right. You knew I'd enjoy showing off my favourite girl." He smiles at her, kisses her damp forehead. "Now, relax and let me take care of you, little girl." She nods, puts her chin on her knees again, closes her eyes. The hot water returns, and he continues to scrub her clean.
Daddy held her head steady as the first man came inside her, the taste filling her mouth and mind, Daddy's lips against her ear. "God, you are so fucking hot when you swallow, you know that?" To please him, she did. The cock got pulled out of her, she licked her lips, swallowing the rest of his load. Someone was drawing circles around her clit with their thumb, making her thighs shake and her mind hazy. Daddy's hands were stroking her hair, holding her gently.
He was lying on the bed with her, his body close to hers, his hard cock pressed against her side. While he was complimenting her, caressing her face with his fingertips, telling her how proud he was of her, someone released her hands from the restraints. For a moment she was surprised. Would they release her ankles as well, what was going on? Then, someone took her hand and guided it until her fingers were wrapped around a hard cock. The unknown man held her hand against his erection, moved it up and down, basically jerking himself off with her hand. Daddy kissed the top of her head, his dick grinding against her hip. Another man was climbing onto the bed now, she could feel everything shift, he was kneeling down between her spread legs.
As he wraps her in the big soft towel, she feels an itch between her thighs, feels her toes curl, lets out a sharp breath. He chuckles, rubbing the towel over her wet skin, drying off every inch of her. "Wanna tell me what you're thinking of?" When she doesn't react, he lets the towel drop to the floor, stands right in front of her. It is still dark in their bathroom, making his shape seem more imposing, looming above her.
"Let me rephrase." One hand finding her throat, the other cupping her sex, two fingertips pushing into her wet little pussy. "Something is turning on my little girl. You will tell me what it is."
She nods, the grip around her throat keeping her temporarily from responding verbally. He loosens his grip at the same time as he starts to fingerfuck her, slowly. Making her knees weak. "I'm thinking- when he, when one of them.. he got between my legs. I could f- feel- I.." She gasps, his fingers rhythmically thrusting into her, his eyes fixated on her. "I felt your cock.. my Daddy's cock against me, and that man.. he, oh god, he fucked me so good," she moans.
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