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“Thanks again.”

“Is this normal?” Andrew asked as he passed the role of bandages to his girlfriend.

“It has been recently,” Gwen answered passing it back.  “Supposedly it’s method acting.”

“It is,” Erica said as her arms were slowly bound to her sides.  “If I want the roll of Cleopatra I have to start thinking like Cleopatra.”

“You realize she wasn’t mummified until after she was dead.”

“But she was aware of the possibility of being mummified.  I’m trying to get into her head.”

“Not what you were expecting for date night, right?” Gwen asked.

“Not really,” Andrew replied.  “You told me she had gone crazy.  You never went into details.”

“Would you have believed me?”

“Hey! That’s your queen you’re talking about,” Erica said poshly.  “But seriously, thanks for helping.  Gwen wasn’t doing a very good job alone.”

“Yeah, every night for a week,” Gwen snorted.  “I’m sticking with the crazy explanation.”

“Method acting,” Erica repeated.  She sat on the edge of her bed and lay back, then tried to pivot to get her feet up.  Gwen helped her and slid her away from the edge.  “I’m ready to go for the long term tonight, so you two go ahead and enjoy your date.”

“As soon as we finish tying you up?” Gwen sneered.  “Lift her feet.”  Andrew raised their friend until her weight was rested on her upper back so Gwen could start wrapping her hips and thighs.

“Naturally.  I am your queen after all.”

Gwen rolled her eyes.  Andrew stifled a laugh.

“I’m fine with all of this.  None of the guys are going to believe me when I tell them.”

“Don’t even think about it.”  Gwen told him.  “The last thing we need is your friends hoping to get a look at Cleo.”

“Queen Cleo to you… I mean Queen Cleopatra to you.”

“Shut up.”

They got her legs wrapped together.

“You’re sure you’ll be all right? We may stop for drinks after the movie.”

“I’ll be fine,” Erica said after a brief squirm to make sure she wasn’t wrapped too tightly for long term restraint.  “Turn the lights out before you go.  It will give a feel for what it’s like to be sealed in my pyramid.”

“Crazy,” Gwen muttered as she and Andrew went on their date leaving her roommate ***.

Erica closed her eyes and fantasized about being ***.  Caesar or Marc Antony, she wondered, maybe both.  She struggled a little and smiled at the thought of Roman conquerors owning her.  Eventually, she would have to write this stuff down.  Someday Gwen would expect to see a copy of the script she was supposedly auditioning for.  A thought struck her that got her laughing.  If she wrote a spanking scene into it would Gwen spank her if she said it would help to get into character?

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