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Hematolagnia ♾


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In the realm of darkness, where desires exude, There exists a yearning, intense and lewd. A fascination, taboo, it holds me tight, Hematolagnia, a seductive delight.

Like a crimson river, it flows through my veins, Aching for the taste of passions unrestrained. In the depths of my soul, this desire does reside, A carnal longing, impossible to hide.

I succumb to the primal allure of this sanguine path, Where the forbidden whispers, calling me forth. The sight of scarlet drops, it ignites a fire within, Arousing sensations, a wicked kind of sin.

I crave the tangy sweetness upon my eager tongue, As the liquid essence cascades, unapologetically strong. The rush that courses through my body, like a forbidden drug, Leaving me breathless, ***, wanting more than enough.

With each tantalizing sip, a frenzy takes hold, As ecstasy and *** intertwine, ardently bold. The sensation of warm life, intimately intertwined, A rapture unrivaled, a realm of pleasures unconfined.

In this passionate pursuit, boundaries are tested, Limitations shattered, inhibitions arrested. Hematolagnia, a craving that devours, Whispering dark desires, in the late-night hours.

But let it be known, amidst the allure so profound, Consent and safety must always surround. With caution and care, exploration ensues, Respecting boundaries with every transfusion muse.

Hematolagnia, a bittersweet symphony, A taboo dance of desire and ecstasy. In the depths of this darkness, we find liberation, Embracing the essence of our uninhibited creation.

So let the red rivers flow, as passions intertwine, In the realm of hematolagnia, this desire we define. Exploring the carnal depths, guided by trust, In this sensual journey, bound by lust.

But remember, dear lover, to tread with care, In the realm of hematolagnia, love and consent share. An unquenchable craving, a taboo of the night, Hematolagnia, our forbidden delight.

🎩 OsPando ✒ ®️

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