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The second meet part 1


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The second ‘date’

Another fantasy of mine I’m looking to fulfil is purely based on power and my lack of. Being micromanaged. Him causing sheer and utter public desperation, wetting and eventual teary-eyed ***. Perhaps a follow up scenario from the first meeting at the cafe with the disciplinarian, as part of his sadistic plan for me to become incontinent eventually and easily mouldable into his *** doll. The second meeting is arranged at the close of the first session.

I was given instructions to report to Kew Gardens in jeans that he gave me specifically for the occasion. I had worn these home after we had met for the first time and I’ll never forget the abrasive effect they had on my caned and broken bottom as I sat on the tube, the welts angry and deep. Wearing these jeans served as a reminder of his control over me.

Since meeting him on the first session he had been in regular contact everyday. I had been sent a list of rules and a schedule to follow. The routine was a weekly timetable that involved when to sleep and when to wake up. When to eat. When to drink. What to drink. How much to drink. What to wear. What shoes, makeup and hairstyles. What to do in any free time. When I could pee.

The rules as part of the routine were based around knowing my place. About what it means to be a woman of inferiority.

The first rule was a mutual understanding about what punishment means, and my acceptance of this. He had asked me what I felt about consensual non consent before our first meeting. I had expressly said that in my view it was the best way for me to be punished in the form I needed disciplining. I said I preferred this to safe words for punishments of a corporal nature as a safe word for me is an easy way to back out. As part of this first rule this was put in writing.

The second rule was about the way I would address him. He was Sir. I was felicity. I was to use lowercase when referring to myself and in any written correspondence with him I would use capitals for any pronouns.

The third rule banned any orgasms without his say so. I was to wear a vibrator at specific times of the day. He would control this via Bluetooth and call me with countdowns. I would be built up every time, made to believe this time I could cum. He would not complete the countdown. Once he got so far as to say ze- then paused and turned off the vibrator. That was a ***ful denial.

Other rules around how I should behave and particularly in public leant heavily on bladder ***. I was to hold if I was told to hold. Even if the *** was unbearable and felt like it was damaging my bladder and stretching it, I was still to hold. Of course it was the man’s intention to ruin my bladder and use this as a means of later ***. But his rule is never to pee unless its scheduled and timetabled in for that day.

I was normally only permitted to pee at wake at 7am. At 2pm whilst at work. And at bedtime at 10pm. On my days off he would video at 2pm. I was desperate by 2pm every day but he would play a game while I relieved myself. I would be told how long I could pee for that day. Say I started with 15 seconds. Could be 30. Could be 7. I lost half of my seconds for every infraction. Not peeing immediately when he says go loses half the seconds. If he shouts stop mid pee and it takes me a second to stop I just cut my time in half. Sometimes I only got a second release which meant by 10pm I was always in huge ***.

During a planned hold, he told me that wetting isn’t to be considered an option. I’m told to hold and I must hold. If I’m told to wet I’m to pee myself instantly. No hesitation. No matter where I am.

There were many other strict rules. How I should shave and the consequences for me if this was done wrong. How I should please him with my mouth and the sanctions for not doing so. What exercise I should do. I had lived a week of obedience…nearly

I had failed to follow one of the rules twice this week. The liquid consumption had increased each day and by Friday I hadn’t made it to 10pm. Yesterday I ignored a stop when I was told to stop peeing at 2pm. My seconds were cut in half. But this took me to negative sessions.

Today was a punishment for breaking a rule. Starting at Kew Gardens. I’m told to arrive a litre into a large coke.

The second he sees me he I’m given a couple of hard public spanks and I am told off. I’ve broken a very important rule.
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