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Bad Santa

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I sneak in to your house, down the chimney. You tree alit ready for the presents I bring tonight.

Mrs is Claus is off sex, as I stumble round, drinking the beer from every home.

I hear you sneak down, 38 now but still a believer,
Your Christmas nightie giving me the shiver.

I call you in, dropping my sack,
Come here I say smiling, then bend you and spank.

Times passes, naked on your knees,
You look up, from.sucking, fuck .e santa please.

I wing you round a game of twister,
Penentrating so fast I *** I will blister.

I only come once a year I groan,
Ready to blow and deliver, 
I tap my nose and disappear 
With that I am gone, was it a dream then you realise, Santa left you his big load in December.

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