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I Won't Be Your Chaud Lapin ♾


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I Won't Be Your Chaud Lapin ♾

In the realm of desire, where hearts beat fast, I stand resolute, refusing to be captured by their grasp, For I won't be the "chaud lapin" of anybody, No, I choose to be free, to explore life's melody.

In this world of seduction, where temptations whisper, I guard my heart, not succumbing to their luring whimper, I dance to my own rhythm, a free-spirited soul, Far from the shackles of love's deceptive toll.

I seek the depths of passion, unfettered and wild, Embracing my desires, like a ***less child, I won't be the prey of someone's fleeting glance, But the master of my own erotic dance.

Through moonlit nights and secret encounters, I'll ***t my desires upon the canvas of lovers, Inviting them to explore my sensual art, But always maintaining the strength of my own heart.

For I won't be the "chaud lapin" of anybody's game, But an enigma, a connoisseur of pleasure's flame, I'll savor every touch, every tantalizing kiss, But my heart will never surrender to amorous abyss.

In the realm of passion, I'll remain untamed, Unfolding my desires, unashamed and unblamed, No need for conformity or societal decree, I'll embrace my sensuality, forever wild and free.

So let the world try to bind me with its chains, For I'm a wild spirit, unbounded by love's refrains, I won't be the pawn in a game of desire, But the master of my own sensual empire.

In this world of whispers and seductive allure, I'll be the one who sets the rules, remains pure, For I won't be the "chaud lapin" of anybody, But a *** of passion, fierce and body.

So watch as I dance through this sensual haze, Leaving lovers in awe, with a lingering gaze, I won't be confined by society's demand, But carve my own path, with passion in hand.

For I won't be the "chaud lapin" of nobody's pleas, But the architect of my own intimate seas, Exploring the depths of pleasure's grand design, As the embodiment of sensuality, forever mine.

🎩 OsPando ⚔✒ 🖋™️

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