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The chastity ***


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Over the month of chastity, the submissive wannabe of a man was unable to feel anything but frustration if touching himself through the bars of the chastity cage I had locked him in. He wasn’t able to feel any pleasure….and I hadn’t made it easy for him either. I had put him in a spiked cage, meaning being hard would hurt him and dig in. I wanted to see tears in his eyes again. I like to see men cry… I’d been thinking about his expression when I used the frozen peas, and the way his face had fallen, he’d looked overpowered and ***! I wanted to cause that regularly.

In our communications I had been revelling in this new found power. I am generally submissive by nature and I found that the more *** I endured with the dominant disciplinarian, the more blistered my bottom, the sorer my throat from being used, the more desperate to wetting myself and the more humiliated I felt - the more I played on my dominant side by night with this locked-up small-dicked ‘man’. I went from having 0 control with the sadist to full control over the chastity pet. I had the key to his ‘cock’….if it’s even big enough to be called a cock. He’d be my sissy soon enough.

It was a feeling that I loved; complete control. I was submissive in the day and had no right to cum ever without permission or pee outside of the 3 scheduled times that the sadist would release my Bluetooth padlock belt for. A strict drinking schedule meant I was always bursting. Always in ***. When I was with the dominant male he would watch me at each scheduled peeing break. Demanding I stop the stream after 5 seconds, wait for 10 and continue. If I didn’t stop at 5, I would lose time. It was about 40 seconds total at each break but I was never fully relieved and often it just made the pressure worse. If I wet myself at any point; as I nearly always did, there would be corporal punishment. This kept me in check in the day.

But the schedule was by day and, wanting me to be able to hold and stretch each day, the dominant allowed me the night free of a micromanaged timetable. It wasn’t a monogamous or serious D/s and he controlled another submissive by night. I had free reign on what I did at night.
This is when I would set up challenges for the play thing. For now, the tasks were simple.

I had him do various humiliating things and called him to watch and laugh at him for my sadistic amusement. This was remotely done.
I had him try to stroke himself over the cage. Telling him he can cum if he can manage it in the cage. I loved watching the hope in his eyes when I say he can cum, perhaps he’s hoping I’ll follow with the magic words of ‘next time I see you’… and then watching the hope melt away and his face resign to the fact he won’t be cumming, today, at our next meeting or anytime soon. I would feign shock that he can’t cum in the cage and say maybe I’d have to extend the wait for his orgasm by another month… and even then it would be ruined.

I also had him take viagra to watch him suffer against the strains of the cage. I would play with myself for hours and make him watch in this state. I’d gush loudly every time I used my large dildos and said I needed a man with a cock of this length to actually satisfy me. I’d set up the fucking machine fast, deep and hard behind me and tease him by deepthroating a large dildo while looking directly at him.

Other tasks for degrading and humiliating him remotely included instructions on sucking his own cock! Or watching him try….and fail. All in a cage.
But I also needed *** to be ***ed by him. *** wasn’t enough so I also regularly demanded he put ginger in his sissy fuck hole and sit down. I saw another tear at this brutal ***. I imagined him crying like a baby and couldn’t help but grin…I wonder how he’d take a caning. A birching. A hard pounding after being figged. I wondered how much fun I could have torturing his cock and balls too!

Forgetting to thank Goddess for each challenge was an infraction adding another month to his orgasm denial. I said I would need to train the lack of respect out of him and I arranged the second meeting on the day (a month later) where the sadist allowed me to. It was only monthly sessions. But a month of denial of orgasms was bound to have started to break him down.

I met him at a bar. A bit of public teasing and *** was in order. I wore a black shiny pvc body that revealed the outline of my pussy and my strong thighs. I donned over the knee high leather red boots. Around my neck I wore his key to his release on a chain. I took my electro*** tens unit with me in my bag. Along with a collar and a lead.

I made sure he addressed me correctly and sat on a stool where no one else in the bar could see me. I opened my legs wide and let him see me place my body suit to the side, revealing my wetness. I let him stare.

I slowly placed a vibrator in the pussy that would later suffocate him. He would soon spend a lot of time worshiping it. I then turned the vibrator on. I used this vibration and edged myself, keeping eye contact. I sped the vibrations up….moans loud. I then say to him isn’t it a pity that you can’t have this…as I stop edging and I erupt with gushes. Multiple g spot orgasms. The squirt would be hitting the floor and leaving a puddle in the bar…when he’s become a proper sissy he’d lick that up. Maybe as soon as next month…..when I’d removed the masculinity from him!

He most have immediately tried to ‘grow’ as he seemed to flinch in *** from the spiked cage watching me cum.
Good. I liked to see his ***. No words were needed. I put him in the collar and begin to walk him to the room. He trails behind me like a lost puppy. The bar see this grown, tall and muscular man being led by little me. How embarrassed he must be!

He’s being a good boy though, so there’s no need to connect the collar to the tens unit to *** him yet. I’ll do that later…when he’s already in tears.

Time to play.
When in the room I tie him to my bondage wheel. I cut his clothes off with scissors to strip his dignity. He looks so unmanly all tied up.. I think he realises this as he’s too ashamed to maintain eye contact and tries to look to the ground. I berate him, telling him to look at your Goddess when she’s addressing you. He’s slow to do this but a harsh slap to his face helps him to comply. I instruct him on exactly the correct position he needs to maintain, arms and legs both wide. Eyes forward. I strap him in and I give the wheel a turn and I can see his body shiver. He is devoid of power. I leave him face down so at the top of the wheel I’m looking directly at his caged cock. He can’t stop whimpering.

I spin it again and now he’s sideways. He’s spied my cock vice and his eyes are again full of *** and I’m tempted to use it today… just to see the ‘man’ cry. I save the ball busting for another day but can’t resist a quick harsh knee to his cage. He yelps in anguish and tries to move in ***. I snigger inside but scold him and tell him he wasn’t given permission to try and move and I tighten the constraints so there’s no wiggle room. I could easily have him reduced to a crying mess in that *** state….. but I wanted to save some anguish for when he anticipated it and ***ed *** and punishment. Today I’d break him down. Next month I’d be busting those balls.

I tell him that he will remain there in his predicament until I am ready for him. I don’t need him right now. He began to protest about being left upside down so I shove a dildo gag in his mouth that I would later use to have him pleasure me with. His mouth was now a dildo. I take yesterday’s panties and I then shove his nose in them before laying them on top of his cock cage. I know that knowing there’s a piece of fabric that’s soaked with my juices having any contact with his cock through the bars would make him strain against his cage!

With that I moved to my bed and proceeded to fuck myself hard using my largest dildos. I talk through my orgasms and they are all loud and explosive. I spend a good hour at this until the squirt is pooling on a towel!

When I eventually return to him I find that he is very much struggling in his position. I laugh at what I have in mind for him. A tease would be the start before I put him in two condoms and used numbing cream.. giving him a second for every day he’d been in chastity to fuck a melon and then a sex doll. I didn’t suspect he’d cum from this….but of course if he did it would be ruined.

I place the melon in the puddle of my squirt and cut a tiny hole in the large fruit. I remove the chastity cage and laugh when he thanks me and immediately hardens. I tell him the rules. 15 seconds would be timed for the fucking of a melon. His face is red by the fact he’s excited by any contact - I loved the fact he was so desperate to cum that I could degrade him by fucking something so sloppy. If he came close he was to beg for permission to cum. He would have 30 seconds to stop and mount the sex doll before then fucking then it would be timed for 15 seconds.

His cock has further stiffened at the thought of any orgasm at all and he looks so *** … that I have to savour the power.

Firstly, I tease him again: I kiss from the top of his body to the bottom but stop at his cock… I kneel down and place my mouth over his throbbing cock head. I look up
at him with his cock in my mouth. I begin to suck and as soon as he pants I numb his cock with cream and put it in two condoms.

I release him from the wheel and instruct him to mount the melon. I start the timer. 15 seconds. I love the fact that this is so degrading. I notice that the ‘man’ is so pathetically desperate to cum that he is actually fucking the fruit as hard as he can! His eyes show confused desperation, obedience and ***.

I tell him he has 10 seconds left. He’s really going for it now. He speeds up and begins to pant and moan. I’m dripping wet at the fact I created this cruel scenario. 5 seconds. 3 seconds. He asks for permission to cum. But to my delight the melon has just broken in half and he has nothing to thrust to….and then the time is up. He looks very frustrated. Pitiful.

I tell him to mount the sex doll. He’s only 5 seconds in and begs to be allowed to cum. For the 9 seconds I pretend not to hear him beg to cum. I ignore him. On the last second I say yes! Cum. But then the timer is up and I tell him to stop. He complies… a couple of drops of cum spill out of his cock. That’s all. It bounces around begging to be finished. An unsatisfying ruined orgasm.

As a final source of *** I ignore his cock. I tell him I want to fuck the dildo that’s in his mouth. The gag he has worn all day has a large dildo on the outside of his mouth and I *** him down and sit on his face, using him as a dildo holder. I put my red boot heels dangerously close to his cock.

I start riding the dildo. I can hear him struggling for breath as I grind on his face. But my pleasure is important. He’s an inconvenience and so I only halt to slide up the dildo and allow him breath when it’s essential. I squirt and cum several times. I talk myself through each orgasm and tell him what real men do.

I notice he’s stiff again. I’ve had plenty of orgasms today so it’s time for the frozen peas again, shoved against what now looks like a very tender sorry little thing. This time I’m ***ful, nearly catching his skin. I *** his still semi cock into the chastity belt. Lock it.
I then briefly tease him through the cage with my hitachi wand just so he feels a bit more ***…. I also remove his gag, and sit back on his face. Then without warning I start pissing down his throat…he drinks like a good, unquestioning man.

Again, I’m bored now. I want to satisfy myself and his 3 inch won’t do that. I climb off his pissy face. I hand him his cut up clothes and lead him via pulling his cock towards my door….I will contact him again when I decide it’s time for a session of ***.

Beautifully written and a whole new level!


Nicely said I hope my Misstres reads this my *** is her pleasure
@paddledinwetjeans I am jealous I wish for that and more as a slave 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
Mistress cuckolded me for first time on NYE she went to celebrate new year with friends without me around and she found a guy he followed her back to her van and cucked me the very first time she told me all about it later that day
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