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Something Is Still Missing: Part 8

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To avoid spoiling the surprise, please do not comment on this story.




He walked her inside, their feet drying on the thick beige carpet as they entered the living room. He kept the towel around them, keeping her body hugged close to his while their body heat filled the fabric. He rubbed her arms quickly, then hugged his arms around hers and held her close.

“Daddy is still hard.”

“Yes he is.” Her hands reached down and grabbed it again, playing with it before he took her hands in his. “Playtime once you are warm.”

“I am warm, Daddy. I can make you warmer now.” He rested his chin over her shoulder, hugging her tightly so that she couldn’t move. He lifted his head enough that his lips could reach her ear.

“You are shivering, Baby Girl.”

“Can I at least take my bikini off, please, Daddy? I know how much you like that, Daddy.”

“Okay then.”


She giggled, his arms loosening to instead hold the towel. The towel was huge and now filled with warmth, providing her with a heated chamber to take her bikini off. He watched her thumbs tease her panties down her legs, swaying her hips in a silent dance. She stared down the whole time, concentrating on what she was doing. Her labia were puffy and proud, held out for his eyes as she stood straighter and looked up at him. She giggled again at the bouncing of his penis, reaching behind her back to untie her bra.


Her breasts relaxed slightly, though there were naturally full and rounded. Her lips met his for an unsuspecting peck on his lips, and then she lifted the strap over her head and revealed her nipples. They were no longer perky in this heat, but her chest was delectable nonetheless.

“Is Daddy happy with me?”

“More than happy.”

“Daddy looks like he really wants me to play with him,” she now tilted her head down with a cunningly cute smile, her hands together and swaying side to side with her hips. Her way of looking too cute to resist.

“Daddy really wants to put his penis inside you, Baby Girl. But if he does so without putting a condom on first, he is going to be really unhappy that you seduced him.”

“Then maybe Baby Girl could take Daddy to the shower to clean him up, and then she can put the condom on for him?”

“That does sound like a good plan.”

“Permission, Daddy, to please you anyway I can?”

“Permission granted.”

She stepped closer, their noses brushing, and she stared into his eyes. He could feel her breath on his face. Her lips parted, her tongue peeking into his mouth, and she whispered.

“Any… way… possible. Daddy?” He could see something more on her tongue, so he let her tease the silence. “Pleeeaaassseee.”


He grabbed her arms, letting the towel drop to the floor, and jerked his hips upwards to drive his rock solid penis up her stomach, catching her clitoris on the way. She gasped, his forehead now pressed against hers with his penis clamped between their bodies, along with her heaving breasts rubbing against his nipples. The pressure on his penis made his heart race, his head thump, desperate to not shove her on the floor in the heat of the moment.

“I said...,” his teeth were gritted, “permission,” he reached around to whisper in her ear, “granted.”

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