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Date Night.... p1


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I was a little nervous meeting my date.  She was a classy and elegant Lady and the part of town we were meeting in made me feel like I didn't fit, let alone the upmarket restaurant she'd selected.

"Would Sir like to order from the drinks menu?"
"Just a water," I replied to the waiter.

The prices of the drinks alone was making me feel funny.

Just as he returned to pour it, I noticed her walk in.

I went to give a handshake and she invited me in to kiss her on each cheek.

I went to pull out her chair so she could sit
"My, you are the gentleman," she joked.
"Shh, don't tell everyone" I joked back.

I went to take her coat but the waiter had already moved to take that.

She jokes to me, "You don't have to. I can see it isn't you"

We take our seats.

"Is there a reason you're just drinking water?"
I scratched nervously.
"I erm..."
"Is this restaurant a little pricey for you?"
I again, stuttered, not wanting to seem like I was cheap or tight - but - it really was.
She laughed and pulled a credit card out of her purse.
She waved it.
"Tonight is on me"
"I err..."
"Goddamn it man," she smiled, "You're hear with a Lady I know you think is beautiful in a restaurant where you don't need to worry about anything"
"It's just..."
"It's just the toxic traits in society say the man should pay... well... tonight is covered."
"I should put something towards it"
"I asked for this restaurant. I want to dine here and I want to dine here with you"

I didn't really know what to say.

She handed me the drinks menu,
"What do you really want to drink? A beer? Shall we share some wine? A coke?"
I started to look and read
"Oh, and you'd better be looking at drinks you want and not the prices"
"Why don't we share some wine - your choice"

She called for a waiter and proceeded to order... one of the more expensive bottles of wine.

I felt unsure on this, but trusted her.

Needless to say, when the wine was delivered and I tasted... it was divine.

"Quality is worth paying for," she said.

We enjoyed some light conversation before it was time to order food.
"We're getting a starter," she told me.

I had a strategy on ordering,
"I'd like the ribs for a starter" a nice mid-price starter... at just £10... eek
"Ooh, good call she told me"
And went to order a pasta from the mains, one of the cheaper dishes.
"You don't want the pasta," she told me.
"No, no, I do" I tried to reassure her.
"Scratch that out," she told the waiter, "My friend is modest.   Trying to impress me.  I know he would love the steak"
"Very good" confirmed the waiter.

After he left I turned to her, "The steak meal is £80"
"Of course, it's good steak"
"I don't know if I can accept this"
"It would disappoint me if you turned it down"
"I just... can I at least make it up to you?"
She smiled, "Honey, you already are"

I was confused.

"Look," she said, "You're under no obligation.  What I would like is to enjoy this evening with you."
"But, I have to be honest with you beyond this"
I knew there was a catch, "My heart sank"
She passed me over the credit card. It had a mans name.  This did little to help my confusion.
"It's my husbands," she said, before I could interrupt, "he knows I'm here"
"He is currently at home, in chastity, doing housework, while I am out spending his ***, having a good time, with a guy I like"
"So - if I go home and tell him I treat you to expensive wine, steak... dessert... he'll actually enjoy it.  And, so the better time we have on his *** - the more he'll enjoy it"
"I kind of understand"
"Good," she smiled, "I like you. This is why I am treating you.  As I say, you're under no obligation - at the end of the night I can pay for your taxi home.  You enjoying the evening with me would give me a wonderful evening. One I hope we can repeat.   Or, if you want and are in the mood - you can come back to mine..."

The evening was capitulating. The food was divine. She felt I was struggling to relax so ordered more wine.
The more time I spent with her, the more fascinated I was.  Both with her as a person and her relationship.

She explained her and her husband had a slight D/s relationship. "Total Power Exchange" she said.
It was something he raised and took her a while to get into but his seriousness and dedication to it helped her.
Of course something she struggled with at times is that chastity is a big part of his likes - and while she does unlock him when she wants sex - it's better for them both if suspense is built up.
So, in the meantime, she is free to met other people for sex and her own fantasies and desires.

"So," I said, perhaps with more courage as I'd had a lot of wine, "What are your fantasies?"

"I don't want to turn the question around, but, what do you think of me - how would you describe me?"

I was a bit, "Well, you're beautiful, classy, elegant, smart, intelligent..."
"Yes," she smiled, "I want to be none of those things"
"Not permanently... but I want the feeling of being degraded, humiliated and used... I'm used to getting what I want and I want that feeling taken away"

That kinda somewhat excited me, and she could see that.

She continued, "Ooh, that's a nice smile... as I said... no obligation... but, I'd rather someone who is happy to do it - than some full-of-themselves alpha-freak who thinks they should get to do it.  What do you say?"
"If you like... no obligation"
"I'm a little drunk.  Would it spoil the spontaniousness if we sorted something when I wasn't drunk"
"You are adorable.  Absolutely... but... one condition"
"Umm... OK...."
"No wanking until we've sorted it."
"When do we sort it?"
"Await my calls...."

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