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Fire N Ice - Temperature Play ♾


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Fire N Ice - Temperature Play ♾

In the realm of submission, where desires intertwine, There exists a training, both passionate and divine. A Dominant old man, wise and experienced in his role, Guiding his Submissive girl, with fire within his soul.

Their journey begins, with the allure of temperature play, Where pleasure and *** dance in a sensuous display. Ice cubes, cold and delicate, meet her heated skin, As his touch ignites shivers, deep from deep within.

At first, a shock, as the icy tendrils gently trace, Her body's contours, leaving a trail as they embrace. The sensation, a contrast, to her flesh's warm glow, Awakening her senses, a path she yearns to follow.

With every drip and glide, the intensity does grow, The coldness seeping in, as her desires freely flow. Her Dominant old man, with care and discipline, Unveils the secrets of pleasure, and the agony within.

Hot spoons, heated to tease, leave an imprint they bear, A contrasting sensation, of *** and pleasure's affair. Her skin tingles and blazes, beneath his skillful touch, In this fiery caress, her freedom, she's eager to clutch.

Hurts so good, the ***, in different levels it resides, Testing her resolve, where surrender safely abides. She gasps and moans, as her limits start to sway, Craving the agony, as it merges into her play.

The Dominant old man, adept in his art, Teaches her the depths of pleasure, as they never grow apart. With each training session, she learns to embrace, The ecstasies unveiled, in this beguiling chase.

And as their connection deepens, and trust becomes profound, She learns the power of her submission, exquisite and renowned. Her Dom's guidance fuels the flames of her desire, As she surrenders her body, willingly, to passion's fire.

With yearning anticipation, her longing takes its toll, She begs for the ultimate, the ice dildo's icy role. In her vagina and anus, she craves its numbing touch, A captivating blend of pleasure and ***, she desires so much.

In this world they navigate, where submission is their guide, Discipline intertwines with pleasure, on this intoxicating ride. Their trust within each other, unyielding and true, As they embrace the depths of pleasure, a journey made for two.

So, in this tale of submission, where desires freely ignite, An old Dominant man trains his Submissive girl, day and night. Within the realm of temperature play, they find their ecstasy, Where agony meets desire, a sacred union for all to see.

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