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Rendezvous at the coffee shop

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As I pulled up I could see that she parked away from the buildings as I’d instructed, I exited my car and walked over to her, dark outside with just a few empty parked cars. Being 7:30 at night most of the other stores in the strip mall had closed, except for a pizza parlor down the opposite end and the coffee shop we’d be using. I opened her drivers door to find her sat behind the steering wheel waiting patiently as I took both my hands and caressed her cheeks, she opened her cute mouth sticking out her tongue for me to suck. This is the way she had been taught to greet me. I took her tongue into my mouth sucking and licking it with my own, then leaning forward for our lips to meet and kiss, both our tongues searching each others, foraging for saliva.
I pull away slowly, leaving her with a cute smile.
“Ok” I said, “did you come prepared” she sheepishly nodded, “in that case stand miss Sophie” with the SUV door open, half guarding us from view, I slide my hand between her fleece skirt and her panties, down the crack of her ass to her asshole. “Good girl” I said. She had inserted the butt plug in her asshole before she left her apartment for work this morning as I’d demanded, I grabbed the handle that’s nestled between her ass cheeks and give it a firm shake, she gasped as I did this , with my other hand I slid it down the front, thumb and forefinger grabbing her clit, the rest of my fingers sliding between her already wet, sodden pussy lips. I pinch it ever so lightly and circle it for a few minutes, she starts to moan with pleasure, “enough” I say abruptly and give it an over powering squeeze, causing her to shout out in *** loudly. I looked around to see if anyone heard or saw. I told her never to blurt out like that again and gave it another merciless pinch, she squealed and winced but with her mouth closed this time. I told her to open her mouth up and spat a huge stream of spit that she had to swallow as punishment.
I asked her then if she brought the Kegal balls the one's with the remote. She replied “ yes Sir, I’m here to do what you tell me sir”, “Good girl” I said as she lent over her seat to the center consul and opened it, retrieving the Balls, I told her to open her legs, crouch down and insert it, she began to crouch but then noticed a couple walking close but not close enough to see what she was doing and stopped , but they weren’t paying any attention to us anyway. I swiped at her ass and gave her a hard whack, “ I never told you to stop”, “ sorry Sir” she replied.
Now inserted, I took the remote. I told her she is to go into the store,order herself a drink, find a bar stool or chair, a wooden one, not an armchair or couch that some coffee shops have, then sit and wait, and look at her phone. I followed a few mins later, ordered and sat, but not with her, away from her. So as far as workers or customers are concerned we are not together, also i toll her that she is not to make eye contact with me, I asked her if she understands and she replied ”yes sir”, closing her car door off she walked toward the store.
Watching her walking knowing her asshole and pussy was filled with toys made me hard as a rock. So much that it was protruding in my pants. It was lucky I needed to wait to follow her in as I couldn’t hide it.
In the distance I could see her ordering her drink. The set up of this coffee shop is perfect, the main store and counter are to the left of the entrance than a narrow counter top with bar stools to the right which is quite secluded from the main store, although there are 2 bathrooms l close by it.
She picked up her drink and looked around and headed toward that area, where she sat. I then followed, at that stage I was soft, I ordered coffee and sat in an armchair in the corner in full view of her but around 10ft away.
I scout around the Store, there are only 3 servers working, 2 out front and another who’s in the back making drinks. A middle aged couple talking. A girl probably a college student with a laptop writing notes, a young couple and a older guy Spread around the main part of the store.
I started to text her asking if she was ready,
She replied “yes”
I pressed the remote button to its lowest level and text her to see if it was working, I wasn’t sure with the distance between us, but “yes” she replied, I then sent her a story of a past encounter with another sub that she could read. A story of a session that we could replicate on completion of this task.
Discreetly I glanced over to her also taking on the room, everyone else are doing their own thing and not paying attention to her,
I watched to see little movements of her ass, slight squeezing movement and pushing forward.
Knowing the vibrations from the egg are pulsating through the butt plug, via the thin membrane between her two fuck holes, squeezing then releasing the grip of the butt plug with her anal lips make me swell again. I pressed the button on the remote to the next level, she stopped reading for a moment and had an involuntary jerk in her seat, then she looks around to see if anyone was looking at her without focusing on me.
Back to her phone her movements begin again, they became stronger and more prominent now. If anyones was to watch her, they would realize she was doing something. The squeezing of her ass lips, the leaning forward obviously to rub her clit on the solid hard bar chair was not only driving her wild but me also, then at that point the middle age woman got up from her chair and began walking to the restroom. Miss Sophie hadn’t noticed yet and was still in full movement as the women passed her.
I thought to my self, the woman must of noticed what she was
Regardless too late now, as there was no stopping Miss Sophie, squeezing, thrusting and jerking. I then decided it’s time for full power. This startled her and she let out a loud gasp! Realizing it was quite loud she immediately raised her arms above her head and stretched up to mimic yawning, clever move I thought to myself.
After scouring the room again she got back to working herself. I thought at one stage when the background music briefly stopped to change tracks I could hear the vibrations going from the eggs through the butt plug to the bar stool.
Now she’s really getting frantic, about to reach orgasm, the women walking out of the bathroom didn’t faze her,
She continued, squeezing her ass lips , pushing and grinding her clit, I glanced at the middle age couple were the women seemed to be whispering to her husband as they were both looking in Miss Sophie’s direction.
Then it finally came, by now with a bright red face and small beads of sweat that had appeared on her forehead. She went into spasms of ecstasy as she came in her pants.
Trying to dampen her squeals with her hand over her mouth, she writhed and twisted grinding as hard as she could. At this stage she couldn’t give a fuck who could see her! Looking around tho it would appear the Middle Aged cpl may have guessed but had already carried on the own conversation ignoring what was going on.
After a few minutes had passed and she had composed herself ,she text me saying she was done and did she have my permission to leave and return to the car. I replied “yes” she would go there and I would follow.
So up she got and left. With me not far behind her, we reached the car, I opened the door again to use the door as a shield from any onlookers, although there were none in sight .
We began to deep kiss soaking our mouths, swallowing each other’s saliva. I then told her to hitch her panty up and slightly lower her skirt, I took my pocket knife and cut the side of her panty, turned her around cutting the other side. I took hold of it from behind and gently started to pull it away from her, as I pulled it up and away from between her legs, I could feel they were absolutely drenched in her arousal, the smell of her cum filled the air as I held them to her nose? Wiping them on her lips then pushing in her mouth implying her to suck which she did.
In the meantime I slid my fingers into her pussy to retrieve the egg, the wetness of her pussy I had never felt before. She could fill buckets I thought too myself, my fingers covered in her cum I removed the panty from her mouth and put them in my pocket, holding the back of her head gently I get her to lick the thick creamy arousal from my fingers onto her tongue into her mouth where I then proceed to enter for more deep kissing and sucking her tongue dry and devouring it all.

The last part of this session involved the butt plug that had been inserted for so long. I slid my hand into her delicious deep ass crack, grab the handle and start to pull, expecting it to come out in one go, I feel it’s stopped after a couple of inches, i give a harder tug and it stops again after a couple more? One more tug though did the job. This butt plug was a solid shape with three mounded balls varying in size big to small.
As I pulled it out and moved toward her face I could smell the scent of her anal nectar in the air, I held it to her nose where she inhaled deeply sighing with desire. Surprisingly the plug was clean with only a film of anal nectar glistening in the street lights. Holding it to her lips she accepted it inside her mouth, licking, sucking and devouring, as she is doing this I put her hand on my swollen cock, she begins to rub, taking it in hand behind my pants, jerking it hard and fast nonstop as she sucks the butt plug, then she starts to remove it for a kiss. Tonguing each other again tasting her ass nectar and arousal . Swapping juices back and forth, inhaling the scents from her face I explode in a hip pulsating orgasm pumping thick cum into my pants.
I take her panty from my pocket, put them down my front and use them to mop my mess.
“good girl, Miss Soph” this evening has pleased me.
'Remove your skirt", you’re to drive home naked below the waist.
“Understood Miss Soph”
“Understood Sir” she replied.

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