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Biting You Beyond Your Edge ♾


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Biting You Beyond Your Edge ♾

In a realm where passion ignites, Where desire's flame burns bright, Through the depths our fantasies entwine, A tale unfolds, yours and mine.

I, the dominant, strong and sure, Guiding, commanding, to pleasure pure, And you, my submissive, willingly surrender, Bound by trust, our connection tender.

In the dance of dominance and submission, We find liberation, a sacred collision, I'll take you to the edge, my love, Where *** and pleasure sing thereof.

With whispered words and gentle touch, I'll lead you to the edge, as such, In the realm of ecstasy, we both reside, A journey embarked, a sensual tide.

Beneath me, you offer your sacred space, A canvas for lust, a divine embrace, With hands that command, I'll possess, Unveiling desires, we both confess.

Your body, my playground, etched in delight, Your moans and trembles, my guiding light, And as my hand finds its fervent grip, Biting down, your pleasure will rip.

From the depths of ecstasy, we'll soar, As teeth mark flesh, urging for more, Together we'll delve into uncharted lands, Exploring the depths as passion demands.

As your body tightens, muscles clench, Release, surrender, I gently wrench, Our desires converge in passionate bliss, The taste of you, the ultimate kiss.

In this realm, you'll find a love untamed, Where dominance and submission are never shamed, With every bite and every commanding caress, Our union deepens, our connection blessed.

So, my dear submissive, beautiful and true, I'll lead you to realms where pleasure ensues, In our sacred bond, our love unfurls, Within the depths, we become one, my girl.

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