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Happy New Year

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Your sat on the sofa, glass of whiskey in hand and watching some nonsense on TV. Your annoyed at me. I went upstairs over 2 hours ago for a bath and relax, something you never begrudge me, but its NYE and you're sat on your own with midnight creeping closer.

You hear me come down the stairs 'finally' you think to yourself and turn to look at the door as I enter.
You stop mid sip of your whiskey and slowly put it on the side table at the sight of me before standing up.
I stand in the doorway, a corset hugging my curves and pushing my tits up showing an ample clevege, hold ups with killer 7 inch heels extenuating my legs.
My hair freshly washed and blown dried, you can see its softness which cascades slightly over my face. I push it back revealing my perfectly applied make up, my lips bright red and looking so fucking kissable.
'Hi sir' I say softly
'Come here' you tell me. Your heart hammering and cock growing harder by the second. I approch you and pull you in for a kiss, my hands wrapping around the back of your neck. You *** your tongue into my mouth and then suck on my lip. I moan into your mouth and push my body flush to yours. Your hands grab my arse and squeeze tightly.
I can feel your cock hard against my groin, loving that I can turn you on so much still.
You push me towards the sofa and push me down onto it. Kneeling down in front of me and pull my legs open before pulling my thong to one side. In one lick you stroke me from my pussy to my clit. I breath out and moan gently, my back slightly arching.
Grabbing each of my thighs you dig your fingers in and push my legs further apart.
I yelp and whimper from the *** which is soon replaced with moans and you nip at my clit. My hips push towards you as you push your tongue into my wanting my pussy. You moan at my taste, you know your addicted to me, my scent, touch and taste of me. You love that I'm your toy, and insatiable for you ready to be fucked whenever you want.
Flicking your tongue over my clit again you push three fingers into me. I moan loudly for you. A sound you also love. Pumping them in and out you curl them and push on my gspot.
Almost instantly I shudder and a gush of squirt and cum covers your face.
You pull back from me, my pussy juices coating your chin. You wipe them with your fingers and push them into my mouth. I eagerly lick them, my tongue twirling over your fingers. The sensation making your cock harden.
'Take it out' you order me, glancing at your cock. You smile as you see I'm already staring at your crotch in front of me, biting my lip and subconsciously licking it. I look up at you through my big blue eyes, my mascara and eye liner framing my eyes beautifully, as my hands make quick work of releasing your cock from your jeans. I gently pull them down , together with your boxers and you take over and remove them. You approach me again and straddle me, your cock pushing at the entrance of my mouth.
'Open wide slut' you tell me and push it in. I moan as I clasp my lips around you my tongue already twirling over and flicking over the tip of you.
I pull back and hold your cock in both hands. Licking my lip again I then flick my tongue over your tip, collecting the precum that is forming and moan to myself.
You look down , lipstick has rubbed off onto your cock in my hands and I look sexy as hell playing with you. You can't take the teasing anymore and push your cock back into my mouth straight to the back of my throat. I gag as you hold yourself there, I'm squirming underneath you as I fight for air, only when tears form in my eyes do you pull back. You give me a moment to catch my breath before pushing yourself back in and start thrusting. The sound of me gagging and sight of saliva running down my chin turning you on more. You can feel my nails dig into your arse as I fight against my instincts. Mascara stained tears run down my cheeks as you pull away.
You stand in front of me and look at the mess you've made me, lip stick smeared over my face and mascara stains down my cheeks.
'Such a fucking slut' you tell me. I stay in my seat, catching my breath, my chest rising and falling rapidly making my tits rising and falling too. You offer your hand to me and I gently place mine in yours. You pull me to my feet and spin me around to face the sofa. You harshly begin to pull at my corset strings loosening it. Your arms then pulling me close to your chest you wrap them around me and start to unclasp the corset from the front until it falls to the floor. I stand in your arms left in just a thong, suspender belt and hold ups. You growl in my ear, your primal instinct to ravage me taking over. You grab both tits with each hand and squeeze hard.
I moan and lean back into you. Pinching both nipples hard you pull at them, stretching them out in front of me. I cry out and whimper from the ***. 'Good girl' you tell me.
You guide me away from the sofa to the front of the fireplace and tell me to kneel. I obey without question as you leave the room. In your absence i watch the flames flickering around in the stove next to me. The heat and softness of the rug makes me smile. I look down at myself, mainly naked. I love how you make me feel confident about my body.
You enter the room and again and I snap my head up to look at you. I smile instantly and look at what you hold in your hands. A paddle and butt plug. I bite my lip subconsciously, eyes widening from excitement.
You move to behind me and pull my long blonde hair together, tuggging gently before draping it over one shoulder. Kneeling behind me you kiss the base of my neck and Work your way up my ear, pulling on my lobe. I moan gently again, the feeling relaxing me and making me feel desired.
'Get on all fours' you instruct. Pulling my thong to one side you squirt some lube over my arse and rub it around my arsehole. I moan from the sensation and apprehension of what is to come. Pushing my legs apart slightly you push the butt plug into my arsehole. The coolness of the metal and sensation of being full making me moan louder. Rubbing the left over lube over my pussy you push 2 fingers into me and curl them up. 'Hmmm, so wet for me, aren't you?'
'Yes sir' I agree
You pull your fingers out and push my legs back together, the sensation of the butt plug inside making me moan again. With a knee at each side of me you push your cock into my tight pussy. We moan simultaneously as you start to pound into me. I hold my position, taking the rough pounding from you.
Suddenly a thwack echos the room as a sharp *** radiates over my arse cheek 'fuck sir' I say through gritted teeth as I let my body absorb the sudden enslaught of ***.
Another strike hits the same spot, the sting stronger from being on sensitive skin. I groan and grit my teeth again.
I catch with my eye the paddle dropping to the floor and feel both your hands on my waist as you pull me back and forth as you thrust into me.
I feel your hand move to the back of my head as you grab a fistful of hair snd push my head to the floor. 'Give me your wrists"
I offer them behind my back and you grasp both wrists in one hand.
You fuck me harder, my knees burning on the rug beneath me until I feel you shudder and moan loudly. I carry on pushing my hips back and forth as your thrusting reduces. 'Fuck slut' you mumble.
My clock chimes 12 in the hallway as you collapse next to me. I curl up next to you.
'Happy new year sir'
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