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Hours And Hours ♾


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Hours And Hours ♾

In the depths of our sacred domain, Where passion blooms without refrain, I, the XY Dominant, stand tall and strong, To fulfill your desires, where you belong.

From the first touch, electrifying and true, Your body quivers, as cravings ensue, Hour upon hour, we shall play, Delighting in the pleasures that come our way.

With each flicker of the candle's flame, I'll ignite your senses, ignite your name, Torturous bliss, a dance of delight, Making your body break and shake in the night.

Bound to my will, you surrender your power, As I explore the depths of your desire, Your mind, open, receptive, bound to me, A willing vessel, submissive and free.

Whispers of dominance caress your ear, Guiding you through realms of lust and ***, Every touch, every stroke, designed to ignite, Devotion to me, burning vividly in the night.

With firm hand and delicate grace, I'll leave imprints upon your skin, a trace, Of the pleasure and *** that intertwine, Creating a masterpiece, where pleasure is thine.

Through pleasures untamed, we shall explore, The depths of passion, like never before, Tangled in sheets, our bodies entwined, Lost in a dance, of pleasure and mind.

As the hours pass, our desires unfold, A symphony of pleasure, untold, Every sensation, carefully crafted and true, As your body succumbs, submitting to what I do.

In this realm of dominance and trust, Our connection deepens, never to rust, For together we journey, through pleasure unbound, Exploring fantasies that we have found.

So, my dear submissive, *** not the break, For through each trial, our bond shall make, Stronger, richer, like gold in the fire, United in desire, our flames reaching higher.

For it is within this sacred play, That we find solace, both night and day, In the complexity of our desires entwined, A testament to the power of a love defined.

So, open your mind, my submissive, to me, No limits, no boundaries, forever free, For in this dance of pleasure and ***, We find fulfillment, our devotion to sustain.

🎩  OsPandoInc    ™️✒ 🖋

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