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Dinner with Reese


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Baby and Daddy were meeting Daddys friend Reese together. Reese and Daddy were friends from college. Baby had heard a lot of funny stories about Reese. Daddy would see Reese whenever he was in town near them.




Baby and Daddy were seated at the table when a fit MILFY woman with a huge smile walked up to the table. Tan skin, dirty blonde hair and long legs. Perky and very real tits with a perfectly sculpted ass.


Daddy jumped up. REESE! He bellowed in a very meat-head way. He picked her up in a huge bear hug.


Baby's jaw was on the table.


(Baby) this is Reese. Reese this this (Baby).


Reese gave Baby a huge hug. I'm so excited to finally meet you. (Daddy) talks about you nonstop.


Baby was still in shock. Reese was a woman.


Daddy and Reese carried on with their inside jokes.


Baby started, so... how did you guys meet in college?


Oh, Reese started. Well, (Daddy) is a pussy and was constantly coming into the athletic trainers after football practice for his shin splints.


Yeah... Reese was being a bitch and offered to kiss my shins to make them better. I threw a bag of ice at her. She caught and threw it back. Hit me square in the face. Daddy said.


Daddy and Reese laughed until they were both red in the face.




Once they were in the car, Baby turned to Daddy and yelled, Reese is a hot fucking woman?


What the fuck Daddy yelled back.


All this time I thought Reese was some fat dude, but Reese is a hot chick with a banging body.


You just don't listen. Reese. Marisa is a very good friend.


Did you fuck her?


Jesus Christ.


Did. You. Fuck. HER?


Daddy frowned and gripped the steering wheel tightly.


It was a long long time ago.


Baby huffed and looked out the window. Unbelievable. 




Baby was laying on her stomach reading in bed when Daddy came into the bedroom.


She didn't look up.


Are you done being pissy?


Baby turned the page on her book.


It was a long time ago. One night. It was nothing.


But you're still best friends with her? She was right, you are a pussy.


Daddy looped his belt around Baby's throat and ***d her. He got on top of her. She struggled under his weight, unable to breathe.


Daddy pulled down Baby's panties and slapped her ass.

Slapped it again and again while he ***d her with his belt.


He worked his hand down her swollen ass and slid his thumb into her pussy. She was already wet.


I guess you want to hear all about it.


Daddy slapped Baby's ass hard and ***d her with his belt.


Daddy slapped her clit with his fingers while he worked his thumb in her pussy and kept tugging on the belt.


We were drunk one night and I walked her back to her place. Without hesitation, I walked in.


Daddy kept working his finger inside Baby, rubbing her clit. Baby moaned. 


I grabbed her, and kissed her pressing her up against the wall.


She dropped to her knees and sucked on my cock.

She was looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth, squeezed it, stroked it hard and said, this never happened


She stood up and told me to meet her in her bedroom.


Baby moaned out and came on Daddys hands. He tugged in the belt. You like hearing this, don't you?


Baby moaned.


Daddy tugged on the belt choking her more.


Yes, yeah, yes Baby moaned.


Reese told me to lay on the bed. She started suck my cock again and then kissed all the way up my body and sat on my face.


She rode my face.


2 handfuls of hair, grinding her pussy on my face and tongue.


She called me a whore. Reese knew about all the girls I fucked in college. She was using your Daddy like a whore. Riding my face, pulling my hair, using me to pleasure herself. 


Baby came again on Daddys hand and squirted.

Baby moaned out and screamed.


Reese came all over my face. I tried to kiss her but she wouldnt.

She slid down my body and rode me.

That tight fit body with perky firm tits bouncing on wouldn't. Sucking on her hard nipples. Squeezing that tight firm ass.


Reese came on my cock again and again, while I filled her up and touched her all over.


Baby came over and over on Daddys hand as he continued to tell her the story.


Reese rolled over and got on all 4s. I mounted her and pumped her hard and fast.


Reese moaned out don't cum in me.


I pumped her harder and she screamed out.

I pulled out and shot my load all over her tramp stamp tattoo and ass.


Baby panted as she came one last time on Daddy's hand.


Daddy fed Baby his pussy juice soaked fingers and released the belt from her neck.


I'm not pissy any more Daddy, Baby said with a smile.

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