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Mudita, Sympathetic Joy ♾


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Mudita, Sympathetic Joy♾

In the realm of dominance, I find my joy, A deep well of unselfish pleasure, free from ploy, Mudita, the celebration of my Submissive's bliss, In their success and triumph, my heart does reminisce.

Through every quarter of the world, my mind pervades, A symphony of joy, a melody that cascades, From the first quarter, to the second and the third, In their triumphs, my soul takes flight like a bird.

I compare mudita to an inner spring, Infinite joy, like the blossoming of a wing, Available at all times, regardless of our fate, Celebrating others' happiness, a trait innate.

With every accomplishment, I find my delight, Each goal achieved, a beacon shining bright, In both the kinks we explore and in the vanilla, I relish your desires, creating a fervent thriller.

The path to joy is not easily obtained, But through mindfulness, it can be sustained, Celebrating others' achievements, even in strife, Finding joy in theirs, amidst our own life.

Among joy's enemies, jealousy takes its hold, Envy and greed, stories yet untold, But I choose to rise above these base desires, To find pleasure in others, as my heart aspires.

Mudita, a concept, a celebration grand, Delighting in others' well-being, hand in hand, No room for envy or Schadenfreude's cruel game, Just pure unselfish joy, lighting our path to acclaim.

So together, my submissive, let us cultivate, This sympathetic joy, imbuing every fate, In your dreams and triumphs, may I find delight, As we journey onward, side by side, day and night.

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