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I love role play with my subs


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My Name is Anni Fleur, based in Manhattan, New York City and here are so many kinky guys.

I love role-play:

 mother - step-son

boss - Apprentice 

teacher... and much more. 

I love to be in Control and have a youg Sub it is the best.

what turns you on About role-play? 


3 hours ago, annifleur said:

what turns you on About role-play? 

I like the idea of being someone else based on my imagination. There are so many possibilities to change and re-create myself. I guess it has something to do with my problems with severe self-hate. While wearing a "mask", I gain a bit of confidence, because the imaginary fake me doesn't have my real life flaws.

However, I can do only virtual roleplays, because as I've said above, the real me is too flawed and unattractive (and also has erectile disfunction).

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