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BDSM's Fundamental Pillar ♾


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BDSM's  Fundamental Pillar ♾

In the realm of desires, where boundaries reside, Consent is the key, the ultimate guide. In the tapestry of BDSM, it shines bright, A fundamental pillar, embracing the night.

Four kinds of consent, let me unveil, implied, informed, unanimous and expressed, we sail. Implied, a gesture, an action, not explicit, A realm of uncertainty, where consent is adrift. This ambiguous path, we must not tread, For assumptions and misinterpretations ready to spread.

Informed consent, a beacon of light, Knowledge and understanding, shining so bright. Before embarking on a dynamic voyage's call, Awareness of risks, inherent in the fall. Like a patient to a doctor, in full comprehension, We navigate with care, minimizing contention.

Unanimous consent, a gathering of hearts, Collective agreement, where unity imparts. For dynamics beyond two, this unity is sought, In harmony and accord, desires and dreams are caught. A symphony of consent, a chorus of voices, Elevating the dynamic, where passion rejoices.

Expressed consent, the crux of it all, Where words pave the path, ensuring no fall. Verbal or in writing, unequivocally clear, No doubt or uncertainty, dispelling all ***. "I willingly agree," the sacred affirmation, A strong foundation, shaping our exploration.

No Dominant dares, to tread without care, For the wellbeing of their submissive, they bear. Expressed and informed consent, woven as one, A responsible guide, a dance to be spun. Irresponsibility shunned, charges averted, Knowledge and understanding, they are asserted.

And remember this truth, steadfast and pure, Consent can be revoked, of that we're sure. At any moment, for any reason, the submissive has power, Activities cease, dynamics pause, in that very hour. Respecting boundaries, honoring the trust, Consent's sacred dance, where respect is a must.

In the realm of consent, where trust takes flight, We honor its essence, embracing its might. For within its embrace, we discover the key, To a world of pleasure, where boundaries are free. With consent as our guide, we traverse with care, In love and respect, a bond we eternally share.

🎩  O s P a n d o  ™️✒ 🖋

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