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It's a fantasy


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That picture you hold in your head?

It's a fantasy. That's why you're here,

poring over pictures, sliding your hand

over your rock hard cock. Your eyes

drink in the images of legs

lengthened by thigh high spike heels,

breasts lifted out of your reach

by cinched corsets. Gloved hands, 

tapered fingers fondling a flogger, 

a cane if you're a very brave boy.

You read the erotica and imagine

yourself in the sub's place. Face 

in the carpet, gag in your mouth

while lubed fingers stretch your ass

and sharp nails twist your balls. 

Your sweats are pushed to the side

your sweating palm gripping your cock.

The orgasm explodes out of you, heat

beads on your brow. Does it feel good,

the fantasy, your own, familiar grip? 

Does it fulfil you? Or is it time

to make the fantasy a reality? 

A fantasy within a fantasy? Real is better, but this is sooo good too x
Yes reading submissive erotica and stories i fantasize about being in the subs place imagining i was in there place with my mouth gagged head down and ass in the air to be used.
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