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I'm not yours and you're not mine


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Angela knocked on the door and Jack looked up from his computer.


Your 5pm is here. I'm going to head out, unless you need me to stay.


I'm good. Bring her back and have a good night.


A few moment's later, Angela walked back with Steph.


Jack, Angela said.


Jack stood up and walked to shake Steph's hand. Great to see you he said with a warm smile.


He looked at Angela. Thanks, have a good night.


Angela left the two of them.


Steph was petite. Wearing a lavender skirt suit that hugged her curves. Tan skin, green eyes and black curly hair. That killer smile too that melted him.


She was smart, very good looking and could charm an entire room. Fit tight body, with a pair of 34Ds her husband bought her for her 40th birthday. 


Glad you could make it over,  he said.


Me too, Steph said with a smile and dropped to her knees. She looked up at him. Those green eyes. That devilish smile.


Pull it out for me she said.


It's not for you, he said.


I just want to give it a kiss. It's OK to just give it a kiss.


Ok, one kiss, he said as he pulled out his cock.


She sucked on his semi hard cock as it swelled in her mouth.


She stroked his cock with her left hand. That big diamond ring moving back and forth as his cock disappeared in her mouth.


He grabbed her curly black hair and held her head, forcing her to swallow all of him and hold in. The silver ring on his hand shiny in the contrast to her hair.


GOOD NIGHT! Angela screamed from the end of the hallway.


Bye! Jack yelled back with his cock deep down Stephs throat.


Steph gagged and gasped for air as he let her head go.


He slapped his cock on her face.


He proceeded to let Steph suck on him and talk dirty.


I love your cock so much. It tastes so fucking good. My husband's cock doesn't taste so good or work me so well.


He stood her up and kissed her deeply.

He grabbed her by the ass and lift her up a bit.

As he was letting her down he hiked up her skirt, exposing her plump ass and lacey panties.


He bent her over the desk. He pulled down her panties, down to her ankles wear high heels. Jack kisses her ass cheek and removed her panties. 


He held her panties in his hand. 


He stood back up and slapped her ass. Hard.

She yelped.


He slapped her ass again.  


She yelped. Don't, you'll leave a mark.


He laughed. He slapped her ass again and squeezed it with a tight grip. 


This is mine, he said.


He slowly worked his cock inside her. Filling her up. Stretching her out.


My husband has to wear condoms because I'm not on the pill. But you, my Daddy, you've had a vasectomy, so you get to fuck this pussy raw and cum inside me. She said.


He pumped her with long deep strokes as she was bent over the desk.


Your cock feels so so good she said. You fill me up.  She moaned out. 


He grabbed her black curly hair and pushed her face down on the desk as he pumped her.


She moaned out. 


I'm Cumming! She yelled.


He kept pumping her. Their bodies slapping together as his cock slid in and out of her pussy.


She moaned louder and louder. 


Fuck your pussy Daddy! She screamed.

Own this pussy. Send me home with a pussy stretched out and full of your cum.


He shoved her panties in her mouth and fucked her harder.


She moaned through the panties in her mouth.


Jack grabbed Steph by the waist and pumped her hard and as fast as he could.


She was moaning out and screaming through the panties in her mouth.


He was on the edge and needed to tip over.


One leg up on the desk, pushing her foward and pumping his cock deeper inside her.


She screamed out and spit the panties out on the desk.


He came hard with a deep grunt. His cock swelled as he exploded in her pussy. 


Grabbing her hair and tugging hard on it.


Jack shot his huge creamy load into Stephs pussy. She moaned out as he came.


He slumped into his chair as he panted and collected himself. 


Steph got herself together as Jack put back on his pants.


Panties? She asked.


Jack pick them up off of the floor.


They're mine. 


I'm not yours and you're not mine, but these panties are mine.


So go home to your husband with a pussy full of your Daddys cum.


She smiled as he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. 


I love the way that his cock is in her mouth, even before his wife left. Great story

Mercy I need a towel now🥵🥵
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