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It had been arranged the first meet for her. 2 men willing to use her in frint of me. The morning arrives I leave my vanilla life to pick her up. Cold morning, frost on the cars, I pick her up.

Off to the hotel room she is totally unaware what awaits. 

The room is dark, curtains drawn. We kiss before stripping her. Curvy body who loves 50s housewife style that drives me wild. I tie her to the bed, naked legs wide open. Her gorgous pusssy looking so inviting. I push my erect uncut cock in to her, fucking slowly, warming her up for what she does not realise will happen next. I put the blindfold on her.

I pull out open the door, 2 burly men waiting, i put my finger to my lips to keep quiet. 

Both told to wear different aftershave to confuse her.

The first goes between her legs she looks cinfused. I whisper it is your treat, I said I would share you. 

The burly guy 8 inches cut looks huge as he pushes in her tight pussy, stockings rubbing against him. Fuck her I command.

Thrusting in her deep, almost brutally, her moans echoing, i kiss her forehead good girl. She cums quickly coating his impressive manhood, he is close shaking moaning and blows, filling her used pussy with new seed. You can go I instruct.

I lift her legs moving hips, silently pointing at her tight puckered rose bud.

He is not so big maybe 6 uncut but an impressive full ball bag. I spit on her ass then his dick. He spreads her, slowly opening her. The first lot of cum running down on to his cock.

Her moans uncertain again as i kiss her forehead, last one I reassure. He goes to kiss her, no I growl only fuck.

Her head nestles in to my hand almost purring as her body gets pounded. With out any warning he cums flooding hot ribbons in her. All over way too quick. You can go.

I close the door kiss her, hands all over her lingerie. Feeling cum dripping from her I run a bath. Go and wash, I soap her up and clean her. I growl my turn to reclaim you




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