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Who is Seriously into "Pet/Pony Play"?

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For those Seriously into or wanting to get into "Pet Play" & "Pony Play" "CreaturePlay"?

And if so... What kind of "***/Creature" and/or "Pony" are you, or would you be?

I include ALL of the above... because in my 40-ish plus years in the LifeStyle, "Pet Play" can NOW ALSO include "Creature Play"...
As in "Mythological/Fictional Creatures" such as, Were Wolves/Were Creatures, Unicorns, Dragons, Etc. and I have seen some INCREDIBLY AMAZING Costumes to go along with their "***/Creature Personas"!

For the "Pony Players", this would ALSO include, Zebras, {I once saw a VERY GORGEOUS African-American woman that was done up in FULL BODY Zebra Make-Up!
She even had "Zebra Hoof Boots" in black and white leather!} UNICORNS, DEER or REINDEER {for those with the Christmas Spirit/Fetish!}

So... For all of us "Inquiring Minds" on here...

And... GO!!!
As a Handler and Dominant Sadist Woman yes I enjoy pet play. As a Handler.of ponies in a pony trap race, as a Handler for puppy play with a puppy course and treats. I am a member of Pony Play UK and have plenty.of years of fun. Including holding the lead of a purple puppy to keep her safe after she bit an ankle after a random hooman put hands on her without consent.

Plenty.of.furries scampering around in ball pens and many.more such fun examples. Still, my favourite is a Day At The Races with a "friendly" pony race of two beautifully turned out horses. One naked except for leather harness, thr other a black horse with blonde main. Both hooved up.
As an up and coming new sub, I have to say the only ones I'm interested in is "puppy" or "kitten", but I feel any nicknames that are ***s are adorable. Nicknames like "little dove" or "minx" and such are very adorable and attractive, but playing as the actual *** is not what I want to be.

Yes if you see my profile, I have taken Fet.com member "Dirty Diana" as my Sub/Slave. She now goes by her Slave Name of "Riona". She IS MY LOVE and MY EVERYTHING! Soon I will begin her "Pony Girl" training!
I'm a coyotess, basically an extra bratty puppy 😆
I want to be the puppy
For those that are "un-partnered", you CAN find YOUR "ONE"!
Whether it's looking for a DOM/DOMME or Sub/Slave OR like minded "Switch"... that person IS OUT THERE FOR YOU!

When My "Riona" came into My life several months ago, I was NOT really looking for someone.
I had JUST had a breakup with someone that REALLY HURT Me!
{ YES! us DOMES/DOMMES can be hurt TOO! That will be the subject of my next posting! }

It seems like what I've always heard is true... when a person isn't looking... THAT'S when love comes knocking?!

But the thing that ONLY people that are IN the BDSM LifeStyle, understand that, we "Kinksters" have it DOUBLY {or even MORE?!} Hard to find our " ONE", because not only do have to "navigate" the waters of a normal "Vanilla" relationship and ALL of it's quirks and idiosyncrasies...{things like, looks, age, do they have kids, do they smoke, drink 420 etc.} THEN we ALSO have to find someone that fits our particular "Kinks" and "fetishes" "gender" etc.
So yeah... it is QUITE a daunting changing undertaking we have to get through!
And IF we are LUCKY... we find that person {OR Persons if you are "poly"?!}
early on in life...
ME... I JUST turned 59 this month.
Riona is 33 with a couple of kids...
I never had any... so VERY soon, I'm going become an "Instant Step-Father"!
This is just the way of LIFE! And BECAUSE I LOVE My Riona with ALL of My heart... I accept ALL that she brings with her because SHE IS WORTH IT!!!
My live in Property is busy making my coffee while I read through these posts. Time to get back to proper work.
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I love puppies i really do but It's too difficult to find one specially in Brazil. Pet play is interesting in many ways. 

I agree... no matter WHAT/WHO the kind of "pet" it is that you want?!

As someone that LOVES and is VERY VERY into "Ponygirls" and "Pony Play"... it adds both another dynamic to a BDSM/DOM/Sub relationship, it ALSO adds yet ANOTHER WRINKLE to finding your personal "ONE"!!!
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